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Annette - My first romance book I ever read was Judy Blume's Wifey when I was in high school with construction paper over the cover since it was not allowed in school.  That was the start of my trip down the road to where I am now.  First it was Danielle Steel and then I discovered historical romance thanks to Cassie Edwards and Johanna Lindsey.  I always said I would not get into Paranormals but I picked up my first one by Kerrelyn Sparks and that is all she wrote, I was hooked on anything that went bump in the night.  I decided that since I love to read so much that I started writing reviews for two websites and fell in love with it, what better way to let fellow readers know what is out there to read and whether it is any good.  Along the way I have been blessed with the friendship of some wonderful authors and thought doing a blog to represent some of those author's wonderful stories would be a great idea.  So, here we are, Carla and I writing a blog and reviews for some of the authors we enjoy.

Carla - I've been an avid reader since I was 4 years old. I started reading adult Star Wars novels as a teenager, and I was hooked. Once I picked up my first Buffy the Vampire Slayer novel, I fell in love with vampires, and since then have devoured anything with the paranormal in it.  I've branched out to read pretty much anything, as long as it has a good plot and lots of action in it.  After meeting Annette in the bookstore I used to work in, we decided to give reviewing a try, and here we are.  Having two young children means I often don't get the time to read that I used to, but I've made up for it by cutting into my sleep time.  Who needs sleep, right?

Michele -  I am a late bloomer to the wonders that you find between the pages. A mother of two little boys and and angel in heaven, I seriously fell in love with reading when I got hooked by the Twilight Series, then Fan Fiction.  Between working and mothering, I escape into the stories of my favorite authors....Gena Showalter, Sherrilyn Kenyon, J.R. Ward, Cherise Sinclair, Kallypso Masters, and Tymber Dalton.  I find writing reviews to be an honor and will continue to do so for as long as Annette will have me, or my hubby steals my ereader.
Drue - I’ve been reading most of my life, I love it, and I spend most of my spare time doing it.  It’s my relaxation and I am certain I would die without my kindle or kindle app.

My list of favorite authors and book series is too long to list and I LOVE finding little or unknown authors with great stories to tell.  I don't always go and grab the most popular or bestselling author.  I started writing reviews because honestly, it’s a less time consuming way to share and discuss the books I’ve read than a book club is.
I also love cooking.  I'm Italian, of course I love to cook and feed as many people as I possibly can :-).  Swimming, riding motorcycles, concerts and spending every moment possible with my husband rank right up there as well.  I've lived in Northeast Ohio my entire life. I'm married to the most wonderful, sexy, aggravating man on the planet, and between us we have 3 adult children, 2 rescued dogs and 1 rescued cat.

Daria - I live in California and work the normal 7am-4pm. I Skype with my Man(lives in Sydney, Australia). He is my Dominate and I His slave. (probably why I'm into BDSM themed books) It's awesome and it works!!  You can usually find me reading, or if not then on our game called Second Life.  I RP a Hybrid Vampire Queen (probably why I'm into paranormal books) of an awesome group of people. Our family is called Viventes Mortuae Horde.  When I'm not there playing or reading then it's movies I'm watching!!
My views on reading just like Nike--do it!! Reading is like a mini vacation. So immerse yourself into whatever genre that you're into and enjoy then share the experience. 

Disclaimer:  All reviews are strictly our own opinions.  We receive no payments for reviews or endorsements. Due to FTC regulations all books are provided free from authors, publishers or purchased by us.

Basically, we're doing these reviews in our own free time, and we're not making any money on them.  The reviews contain our opinion, which may or may not agree with your own.  We're not trying to offend anyone, we're just trying to provide honest reviews on the books we read.