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Elsa Holland's The Veiled Heart (The Velvet Basement Series) Tour


Lady Miriam Rothbury has never known desire …..And Lord Maxwell Worthington, well even from afar, he’s always burned for her …

After a cold and cruel Victorian marriage, Miriam rejects the foibles of her class and is determined to help London’s fallen women. A fleeting brush with a handsome stranger at the scandalous Velvet Basement creates a chance encounter to sin. Surrendering once could be forgiven, but what happens when this dangerous game promises to extend beyond one unforgettable encounter to a passion that threatens the very foundation of her world?

Max, is delighted at the invitation by the veiled visitor to the decadent Velvet Basement. But the flammable seduction turns world-shaking when the veil is torn and reveals the woman who has always haunted him. Can he play a dangerous game and win the heart of the woman he wants? Or will discovering his true identity push Miriam far out of reach forever?


 London 1898.
“Argh!” Miriam flopped her face back into the pillow.
The moments passed. Soft sounds, the rustle of Mary’s skirts as she moved, water poured into a bowl, the pitcher placed on the dresser.
She wasn't going to lift her head from the bedding for the rest of the day. No, she wanted to slip back into the cocoon of half sleep and dream, hold onto the delicious traces of pleasure lingering in her body.
And they were delicious. Small aches and a new awareness as the different parts of her told a tale of his touch, their need as they’d come together; the aftermath of muscles that had arched and strained, had contracted and relaxed.
One breath after another caught in the soft downy linen under her mouth. The skin around her lips warmed with each breath, just as it had as she’d panted into his jacket.
She’d clutched him so close, pressed her face into the rough fabric heating it with each gasp as he moved in her, knocking them into the back of the bench with each thrust.
Her teeth bit into the pillowcase; she wanted to do it all again.

~Author Bio~
Naturally I love reading and well after I found Romance as a genre, I was hooked. There's something so powerful about the journeys we all take through love and passion. Love is nearly always at the heart of some of the most courageous acts and the biggest redemption and transformations in ourselves, friends, family and relationships.

I started writing in 2006 and haven't looked back. I write every day, usually after 10pm, as I have a full on day job.

I love to write about strong unique characters. They are wounded in some way but they've come to terms with that and their lives. Then along comes that one person, the one they never thought they'd meet and everything changes. Their comfortable lives no longer feel comfortable and that person, the one who has brought passion, want, and love exploding into their loves... is also threatening to open up those long closed up dark places and let the shadows out. I read somewhere that love brings up everything unlike itself in order to heal. Some of the most powerful books, the ones we love the most are about that journey. I try and write about that.
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