Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Review: The Club: Bound by Suzy Shearer

The Club: Bound 
The Club #1
By: Suzy Shearer
Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand Publishing
Contemporary Erotica / BDSM
Released: May 2014

Lisa Day's first experience in The Club excites her—until she discovers she performed in front of an audience with a stranger, all as a result of a lost bet. How could this attractive man just walk away after he bound her and had sex with her? 
Will Lisa be able to forgive Paul Rowley for leaving her in front of the entire Club, or will she turn her back on the one man who has the ability to make her lose all inhibitions and drive her to amazing sexual heights? 
Can Paul convince Lisa that she is the only woman for him? That he was a fool and if she will just give him one chance he will prove his love for her?


First I enjoyed the book because of the age of Lisa. Lisa wasn’t some young, small thin girl with stars in her eyes. That’s one of the things that had me hooked, her age and size... she reminded me a lot of myself. Lisa's character is very endearing and real.

I was surprised that Lisa stayed and was so accepting(after her initial experience), glad she did but was surprised. I don’t know many that would not have turned and left.

Though Paul took me a minute to forgive him for his jackassedness... but then he more than redeemed himself. The reason behind him being a donkey? Wasn’t as plausible, a bit silly. But after all that.. the story smoothed out. I liked how the safe word was mentioned, and how handled the aftercare. I really liked how they showed the club on a whole doesn’t cater to want to be Doms. When Doms forget themselves, they have a potential in not just physically hurting a sub, but mentally hurting them, where they wont ever want to experience the lifestyle again.

I liked the how she was made to vocalize her wants, but the yelling didn’t appeal to me as much. Some hot scenes, in both aspects BDSM and Vanilla...

Daria gives this book a

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