Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Review: Fueled by Lust: Severus by Celeste Prater

Fueled by Lust: Severus 
Fueled by Lust #2
by: Celeste Prater
Siren-BookStrand Publishing
Sci-Fi Erotica
Released: February 2014

Thrown together by the mating of Drusus and Avelina, Severus Faal and Cassie Wells find themselves drawn into a world of corporate espionage when Cassie catches a co-worker planting monitoring devices at her law office. Cassie’s drive to uncover the reason for the infiltration immediately engages Severus’s protective instincts to keep her safe. As they work together to solve this mystery, they begin a journey of self-discovery that raises old ghosts and salts unhealed wounds.

Since Severus refuses to wear his mating necklace, as is the custom of the Insedi male, he relies on instinct and readily dismisses signs that Cassie has triggered his mating cycle. While Cassie has a fearless outer shell, her core is full of shadows and indecision. A troubled childhood stagnates her ability to open her heart and experience a love that could span a millennium.

Book 2 in the Fueled By Lust series delivers heart-wrenching romance, intrigue, hot alpha-males, passion, and scorching, knee-wobbling sex.


This can be a stand alone, but it would be so much better reading the first one. With that being said I loved it as much as I did the first one.
Cassie – just a bundle of sassy and so adorable. She gives Severus a run for his money, always keeping him a bit off balance. Her best friend Lina, is dating a hunk of a man leads a lot of other drool worth men. One of those men happen to be named Severus.
Severus – a other-world bodyguard of a Drusus(a Prince). A Escort and a dancer its where he and others like him receive their energy. From the lust of others. (Imagine that – smiles)

Severus - has watched his Prince and other men lose themselves to their mates, or has watched others lose themselves finding out their mate belonged to someone else. So Severus has sworn off the mating ritual and took of the mating Torque that would tell him if he is close to his mate. To Severus he is better off without a mate.... or so he thinks.

Cassie – just dumped her recent boyfriend for his lack of knowing her or trying to get to know her among other things. When she meets Severus sparks fly, but she thinks its fueled by her dislike of the arrogant, bossy sexy behemoth of a man. Besides she isn’t his type, and she doesn’t want to get into a relationship... no no she doesn’t.. right?

Both the flow of the story along with the personalities of the characters, worked very well together. The talent of the writer to bring together a bit of danger, mystery to solve... along with passion and some scenes that are shower worthy :) just makes for a amazing story to read. I cant wait to see what Ms Prater has in store next. So grab this book along with your favorite drink, sit back and take a trip with Serverus and Cassie. Enjoy!!

Daria gives this book a 

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  1. Thank you SO much for the AWESOME rating and review. Love getting your feedback. :-) xoxo C.