Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Review: Claimed by Aliens by Rachel Clark

Claimed by Aliens 
Claimed #1
by: Rachel Clark
Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand Publishing
Sci-Fi Erotica / Menage

A naughty impulse leads to an extraordinary night…

Chloe has always loved her best friend, Kyle, so when he and his boyfriend, Rick, invite her into their bed she can’t resist.

Rick is an alien seeking suitable partners to complete his Jernodrian family pod. He always wanted Chloe, as well as Kyle, so when she comes to their bed willingly, proving everything he and Kyle believed about her, Rick impulsively claims her, marking her a Jernodrian del-shera. Now not only does he have to explain to Chloe how her life has been changed forever, he has to introduce her to his other three husbands. Will Chloe accept that she’s now a part of a six-way Jernodrian marriage, or will Rick’s impulsive action tear his newly completed family apart?

It certainly doesn’t help when heavily armed men claiming to be from the immigration department get involved…


She worked hard at a job she really didn’t like, she didn’t socialize that much especially with co-workers. Her off work social life wasn’t much better. Cloe had a thing for her roommate, but he was gay... or and she had this secret thing for Kyles man Rick. Though she would never act on either of the feelings she had. One night coming home, she followed the sound of moaning and knew Kyle was with his boyfriend. Heat infused Cloe and she found herself at their bedroom door listening in, when the door opens the door to her “normal” life will take a drastic change.

When invited to join them, her mind was saying no but her feet were moving toward the sexy male couple. As much as she reveled in Rick's touch, there was a instance that she felt a nip of pain … she even saw him glowing. Knowing Cloe was confused and in wonder, Rick explained who and what he was with Kyles help. Cloe was now the happy wife of 5 husbands, and she didn’t really freak out, wary a bit and cautious but yeah she held it together, again with the help of Kyle her best friend and roommate.

Well oh my... I had to wonder about the mechanics and the dynamics of such a large relationship. Ms. Clark made it work, in a awesome way. The bit of wrinkles in the story had nothing to do with the new relationship but the past of one of the husbands. I loved how they all were attentive to each other, no one was left out. Even bringing in the new addition, they strived to give her time to adjust. Cloe after the initial shock, did marvelous. The love scenes were pretty hot, frequent and hella enjoyable. I had a good time reading this. Im sure you will to, I cant wait to read the next in this series. Enjoy.

Daria gives this book a

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