Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Review: A Brush of Her Skin by Megan Wilde

A Brush of Her Skin
The Reglashien #1 
by: Megan Wilde
Publisher: Smashwords
Paranormal Erotica / menage
Released: September 2013

The Reglashien. A Gods sanctioned meeting for all of the supernatural community, safe, secure and the only time to find ones mate or mates. Every time it’s held, those without a mate hope and pray that it will be their turn. Having to wait 200 years is just too long for those that have had to wait so long already.

Jett Valeria Jemar’s father is the host this year, she’s quite excited. She has no clue what it means, or what has brought so many to her father’s lands, but she intends to find out. Part of her excitement is from the fact she will be defying her father, the King of the Vampires, orders and sneaking out to join the other partiers. But she has to be careful, to be recognized will have her punished, but it’s worth the risk. Or so she thought until she’s completely ensnared by two dashing figures.

Carver Travis Wilks is Alpha of the largest Wolf Pack around. Prince Tremayne of the House van Moor is a Vampire prince. These two are mortal frenemies who have gone head to head and toe to toe. A day without them verbally slinging mud at one another means one of them is unconscious or otherwise preoccupied. That is until they meet her. The only woman to end their eternal feud and have them getting along, sort of. What neither expected was to have to face her father’s wrath over something the Gods had prearranged.

They will have to fight for one another, trust in each other and find love for one another deep within to make a go at this unusual match. It will test them in all ways imaginable and it could only make the bonds between them strong. Here’s hoping the Gods knew what they were doing.


There is very few books that Ice read that doesn’t have a defined plot. Smiles and shakes her head, this however is one of them. Not saying that in a negative manner, just was a no brain cell required read. The plot, storyline, characters all combined for a quick easy read.

Call it fate or call it Gods... anytime you have God in a mix, you know its going to be either really good or really bad. The Reglashien happens every 200 years, and is seen and watched over by the Gods. The even centers on un-mated people, that with a wee bit of help from the gods are matched together.

A vampire, lycan and half human all fated and matched together. The Vamp and Lycan were enemies with benefits and the girl was to be married so a Prince of another house, which her father set up.

Jett is the girl... Carver the Lycan... and Tremayne the Vampire. Each falls into the mating unit as easy as pie. Especially Jett, smiles if she fall any harder she'd be permanently face planted in the floor. The males shower her with sex and attention, I did mention sex yes?? She is more than willing anywhere any and all the time. I don’t think she is as sheltered as it seems. Jett was a eager girl, “in for a penny in for a pound” comes to mind. Trey and Carve more than live up to their mates needs.

It was a pretty good story, Id like to have seen a bit more interaction within the pack and clan. Smiles, but if you’re looking for a quick read and lots of sex, then grab this and enjoy!

Daria gives this book a

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