Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Review: The Atlantean Birthright by Toya Richardson

The Atlantean Birthright 
by: Toya Richardson
Publisher: Red Sage
Paranormal Erotica
Released: 2014

Freya Anders is ready to kill Dieter Yong and nothing is going to stop her, because ten years ago he callously murdered her parents. She is immortal; a descendant from Atlantis with precious gifts. It was her powers the Atlanteans were after that fateful night.

Allowing her grief and rage to consume her, she falls into a trap set by Dieter. When sexy, charismatic, Armand De Silva comes to her rescue, she is livid. Is her fury because Dieter survived, or because of the way she’s drawn to this stunning Atlantean?

When their slow-burning desire for each other reaches boiling point, they must decide whether they have the strength to deal with their emotions and trust again. As Dieter launches his plan for revenge, can Freya find the courage to rescue Armand from certain death?


Freya has had nothing but revenge on her mind, her life has been mostly heartache and loneliness a young woman that lost her family by the hands of one male. That male has made his life work in destroying the Atlantean race and doling out his own brand of pain and pleasure... mostly his pleasure in someone else pain. Freya is on a path of pure vengeance, her road block is a Guardian of her race Armand.

Armand has known his own tragic heartache and holds his guilt close. He old friend and ruling elder has scent him to find one of his kind and bring her back... before she is captured by the Global Innovations organization.

After Freya has miscalculated her plan to get Dieter, she is need of rescuing, her savior is the Guardian...which winds up being a stubborn, grouch of a man... the match for her stubborn and sassy personality.

Taking Freya to the Seekers she will learn a wealth of information, she wont fall easily as the Elder of the Atlanteans (her people) thinks she will, being around Armand so much will spark feeling between both of them, but for Freya after seeing what Dieter did to her own mother, she isn’t quick to fall for a pretty face....

For some reason I had thought this would have had to do with mermaids..or at least some type of water source... it didn’t. The story was good, a lot of detail and almost 300 pgs. It told of magic and a very old city, the lives of a few people and the unmistakable need for revenge after tragic lost. Read how love is learned and found.. how passion will change what one fights for. It had a couple of surprises interwoven that brings out the story more and the characters. A new to my author and was worth the read. I enjoyed it and I’m sure you will also.

Daria gives this book a

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  1. Hi Daria, Thank you for reviewing The Atlantean Birthright. I'm so pleased you liked it. Have a great day :D Toya