Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Review: 3013: Mated by Laurie Roma

3013: MATED 
3013 #1
by Laurie Roma
Publisher: Smashwords
Sci-Fi Erotica / Menage
Released: December 2013

Alexis Donovan is a woman whose dream of falling in love with the perfect men has been dashed because of her infertile status. Still recovering from a war that almost destroyed the world, humans have fought to rebuild and have once again opened their shields to outside visitors. As a liaison officer for alien races that are visiting Earth, Alexis does her best to ignore what she can never have, but when she is put in charge of four visiting alien warriors, her entire world changes... 

Dragons Warriors from Arcadia, Xavier and Galan Tesera and their best friends Thorn and Brydan Volis, have been curious about Earth ever since they helped the humans defeat their enemy years ago. As commanders of their own space vessel they travel the galaxies searching out the unknown, but in their hearts they know they will never truly be satisfied without a mate by their side. 

When the four Dragon Warriors land on Earth they are instantly enamored with the sharp-tongued liaison who ignites a burning passion in their hearts, and know that she is the mate they have been searching for who will complete their souls. Will Alexis take a chance on four alien warriors or will the fear of leaving everything she has ever known destroy her chance of finding true love?


I had so much fun with this book. Alpha maleness personified. Not 1 or 2, but 4 alien warriors that are larger than life. When they first lay eyes on Alexis each of them know she is their mate. The four warriors are Dragon Shifters and travel the world.

Alexis is a Laison Officer, on a world that separates fertile women and infertile women. The treatment of infertile women is atrocious, they don’t have many rights and are limited in what they can do.

At first Alexis didn’t want the job of showing earth the to aliens, but it was the lesser of two evils. When Alexis meets the warriors, just their presence sets her off balance. Because of her past issues with men, she really isn’t very quick to want to make cozy, the men are not going to let her get away that easy.

I enjoyed the story soo much, first loving dragons! Then just the story as a whole was awesome, the way the men cared and reacted to Alexis, and even though she was cautious Alexis gave them a chance. There were a couple of times things got a bit con-fuddled... (always remember one important word – communication) The very yummy and hot scenes, I found myself thinking of the dynamics.. giggles. I even pictured how big the bed needed to be to fit 5 people in it (they didn’t always use the bed). Just saying. Again loved the story line and the characters. Nice job Ms. Roma! Enjoy

Daria gives this book a 5/5.

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