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Review: Fueled by Lust: Lucien by Celeste Prater

Fueled by Lust: Lucien
by: Celeste Prater
Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand Publishing
Sci-Fi Erotica
Released: July 2014

Emperor Lucien Tarquinius agrees to retrieve the future king of a race that annihilated every Insedi female and doomed his planet’s future. Why would he do such a thing? Simple. He cannot have his enemy retake the throne and continue the war against Insedivertus. Yet an unexpected encounter changes everything.

Just one day away from collecting the reluctant ruler, the royal transport inexplicably disappears from its flight path. As the empire scrambles to find their missing emperor, Lucien embarks on a journey that challenges his intellect, tests his endurance, and pushes his emotions to the breaking point.

Tana Jameson wonders who she pissed off to warrant an investigative assignment aboard a cargo ship in the middle of the Atlantic. A moment of curiosity jettisons her into an alien world beyond her imagination and directly into the arms of a man stepping right out of her wildest fantasy.

Book 4 in the Fueled By Lust Series compounds the desire to find an Insedi walking amongst us. How can you not want one of these males?


what a amazing series, I've had the pleasure of reading all of them so far and I'm glad I dont have to pick a favorite. Its not really a stand alone, but you may be able to get the story just reading this book. But I'd recommend reading the series.

I really enjoyed this book, mainly because the father is one of the main characters. It was really nice seeing her move the story like that. In the books before you were able to get a feel for Lucien, his personality how he ruled. In his own book, you will get to see him as a man on top of being a leader. It was fun to watch him battle his feelings. Tana played her part amazingly also not to shocked about aliens on a whole, sassy and independent. I loved her personality and how she got along with the other guards. My two favorite secondary characters and I hope they will eventually get their own books is Maxium and Kallon. Maxium and Kallon are very different in personalities... but their love of their world, friends and family is seen. I think they both helped a lot in making of this story.

A few hot yummie scenes, but I'd say the story line kept the book interesting and wanting to read.

The important lesson... the past is called the past for a reason, careful you dont use it to muck up your future. Enjoy

Daria gives this book a

Review: Amanda's Amorous Aliens

Amanda's Amorous Aliens
by Rachel Clark
Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand Publishing
Sci-Fi Erotica / Menage
Released: October 2012


Forget the fact that it was supposed to be the most important day in her life, ignore the evidence that someone sabotaged her test flight and years of hard work, and don’t even mention that it’s her goddamn birthday…

Aliens? Seriously?

But…hmmm… Ripped, gorgeous, deliciously sexy aliens…yumm-oh.

Karriak-Sektannen wanted to be alone. He didn’t want, need, or welcome a female intruder, and with his time of telkobar close he didn’t need the distraction. And, if he had the choice over again, he’d buy a less sarcastic computer. Stupid pretend-personality programs…

Amanda Hasbro has no choice—she’s stuck here until the rift in time reopens. Karriak-Sektannen is an interesting time-filling distraction, and things just get more fun when his brothers arrive.

With a smart-ass computer that seems determined to undermine their resistance, can four alien brothers resist the adventurous and sexy human long enough to send her home?


A cute sweet love story, with a bit of a different take (gene splitting, smiles) I scratched my head and actually re-read that part over. An easy read for lovers of Science Fiction, just about the right length.

I so adored the sassy computer!

The story line was good, just for the length it seemed a bit disjointed. The characters were fun and I liked their interaction with each other. Amanda was pretty accepting as the story goes on, it will show why she accepted the way she did. The men larger than life sexy and passionate toward, her needs always making sure she was pleased and unharmed. There were some hot scenes that made it all come together. Though the story didn't “knock” my socks off, it was worth reading. Go for it and enjoy!

Daria gives this book a

Review: The Club: Bound by Suzy Shearer

The Club: Bound 
The Club #1
By: Suzy Shearer
Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand Publishing
Contemporary Erotica / BDSM
Released: May 2014

Lisa Day's first experience in The Club excites her—until she discovers she performed in front of an audience with a stranger, all as a result of a lost bet. How could this attractive man just walk away after he bound her and had sex with her? 
Will Lisa be able to forgive Paul Rowley for leaving her in front of the entire Club, or will she turn her back on the one man who has the ability to make her lose all inhibitions and drive her to amazing sexual heights? 
Can Paul convince Lisa that she is the only woman for him? That he was a fool and if she will just give him one chance he will prove his love for her?


First I enjoyed the book because of the age of Lisa. Lisa wasn’t some young, small thin girl with stars in her eyes. That’s one of the things that had me hooked, her age and size... she reminded me a lot of myself. Lisa's character is very endearing and real.

I was surprised that Lisa stayed and was so accepting(after her initial experience), glad she did but was surprised. I don’t know many that would not have turned and left.

Though Paul took me a minute to forgive him for his jackassedness... but then he more than redeemed himself. The reason behind him being a donkey? Wasn’t as plausible, a bit silly. But after all that.. the story smoothed out. I liked how the safe word was mentioned, and how handled the aftercare. I really liked how they showed the club on a whole doesn’t cater to want to be Doms. When Doms forget themselves, they have a potential in not just physically hurting a sub, but mentally hurting them, where they wont ever want to experience the lifestyle again.

I liked the how she was made to vocalize her wants, but the yelling didn’t appeal to me as much. Some hot scenes, in both aspects BDSM and Vanilla...

Daria gives this book a

Review: Fueled by Lust: Cato by Celeste Prater

Fueled by Lust: Cato 
Fueled by Lust #3
by: Celeste Prater
Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand Publishing
Sci-Fi Erotica
Released: April 2014

While monitoring the airwaves for potential mates for the earthbound Insedi, Cato Telarius becomes mesmerized with a sensual, feminine voice captured during a pay phone conversation with a hotline operator. Cato’s obsession with finding the woman attached to the voice leads him to a discovery that will shock the Insedivertus race and a love that will test the boundaries of his sanity. 

Luna Jasper has been working hard to get out of an unfulfilling relationship, and just as she sees freedom within reach, one small mistake spirals her into a fight for her life, a huge push into the arms of a man she never believed could exist, and a surrealistic encounter with an alien world beyond her wildest imagination.


This was her third book in the series and I loved it!! I have so enjoyed this series.

Luna has always took care of someone, after the recent family tragedy, she felt a emptiness... so much so she had to fill it. Her present boyfriend seemed to fit that bill at first, then slowly things started to change. The feeling that she needed to leave pressed on her.

When Cato finally meets Luna even from a distance he feels she is his... when the need of her rescue came upon, he was there without question. He became her protector and benefactor. Luna still in the “unknowing” was well taken care of.

If I had to name this review it would be “A Coming Home” it just fit.. the story line, Luna's character all came together. I loved her with Cato they were both each others.. missing piece. How Cato looked after her... not knowing if she would accept him, through his fear of her “freaking out”, he was a constant by her side. This wonderful story will make you laugh and some of the antics, it will make you fan your face in some of the hot scenes(the small BDSM Elements was a nice touch), it will tug at your heat strings with some of the love. It was more than a joy to read and Id recommend any of Ms Praters books to friends. Enjoy

Daria gives this book a

Review: The Atlantean Birthright by Toya Richardson

The Atlantean Birthright 
by: Toya Richardson
Publisher: Red Sage
Paranormal Erotica
Released: 2014

Freya Anders is ready to kill Dieter Yong and nothing is going to stop her, because ten years ago he callously murdered her parents. She is immortal; a descendant from Atlantis with precious gifts. It was her powers the Atlanteans were after that fateful night.

Allowing her grief and rage to consume her, she falls into a trap set by Dieter. When sexy, charismatic, Armand De Silva comes to her rescue, she is livid. Is her fury because Dieter survived, or because of the way she’s drawn to this stunning Atlantean?

When their slow-burning desire for each other reaches boiling point, they must decide whether they have the strength to deal with their emotions and trust again. As Dieter launches his plan for revenge, can Freya find the courage to rescue Armand from certain death?


Freya has had nothing but revenge on her mind, her life has been mostly heartache and loneliness a young woman that lost her family by the hands of one male. That male has made his life work in destroying the Atlantean race and doling out his own brand of pain and pleasure... mostly his pleasure in someone else pain. Freya is on a path of pure vengeance, her road block is a Guardian of her race Armand.

Armand has known his own tragic heartache and holds his guilt close. He old friend and ruling elder has scent him to find one of his kind and bring her back... before she is captured by the Global Innovations organization.

After Freya has miscalculated her plan to get Dieter, she is need of rescuing, her savior is the Guardian...which winds up being a stubborn, grouch of a man... the match for her stubborn and sassy personality.

Taking Freya to the Seekers she will learn a wealth of information, she wont fall easily as the Elder of the Atlanteans (her people) thinks she will, being around Armand so much will spark feeling between both of them, but for Freya after seeing what Dieter did to her own mother, she isn’t quick to fall for a pretty face....

For some reason I had thought this would have had to do with mermaids..or at least some type of water source... it didn’t. The story was good, a lot of detail and almost 300 pgs. It told of magic and a very old city, the lives of a few people and the unmistakable need for revenge after tragic lost. Read how love is learned and found.. how passion will change what one fights for. It had a couple of surprises interwoven that brings out the story more and the characters. A new to my author and was worth the read. I enjoyed it and I’m sure you will also.

Daria gives this book a

Review: Dom of the Dead by Virginia Nelson

Dom of the Dead 
1 Night Stand #172
by: Virginia Nelson
Publisher: Decadent Publishing
Paranormal Erotica / BDSM
Released: June 2013

She couldn’t imagine living without him.

When Carson Black’s longtime crush and best friend dies in a bike accident, she openly weeps at his funeral. Never expressing her feelings for him, she thinks she might be going mad from grief when his voice, his scent, his desires…seem to fill her apartment.

He was afraid to demand what he needed.

Randall Stokes loves Carson but didn’t express it while he was alive. A dominant, he didn’t dare dream that the sweet girl next door would do the things that he needed to find satisfaction. When tragedy strikes, he not only has nothing to lose but a suddenly clear view into what she needs, wants, desires. Is it too late to take what they’ve both longed for?

A ghost of a chance…

Love lingers, though his body is gone. Can Carson and Randall find love in the Dom of the Dead?


A new author to me and a different concept (smiles). Engaging and intriguing. The only negative Id say was I wish it was a bit longer, to fill out the characters a little more. It started a long time ago as best friends and neither wanted to risk that friendship as they both gained adulthood.

Carson(I loved her name) always crushed on Randall, always was the “friend” as he played around town as she watched her feelings for him in the shadows.

Randall is man that is sure of himself and carries himself that way. He has wanted Carson since knowing what wanting is, but he keeps himself from acting on it. Randall is a ladies man, and he would never push his darker needs on Carson.

Well with both playing at not telling time for them has run out. Randall is in a tragic accident leaving his best friend to grieve.

I enjoyed the story line and loved both characters. (The dating service threw my a little bit, Id have liked a bit more about that) but intriguing. Some hot scenes w/BDSM elements. All in All very nice. Enjoy.

Daria gives this book a

Review: A Brush of Her Skin by Megan Wilde

A Brush of Her Skin
The Reglashien #1 
by: Megan Wilde
Publisher: Smashwords
Paranormal Erotica / menage
Released: September 2013

The Reglashien. A Gods sanctioned meeting for all of the supernatural community, safe, secure and the only time to find ones mate or mates. Every time it’s held, those without a mate hope and pray that it will be their turn. Having to wait 200 years is just too long for those that have had to wait so long already.

Jett Valeria Jemar’s father is the host this year, she’s quite excited. She has no clue what it means, or what has brought so many to her father’s lands, but she intends to find out. Part of her excitement is from the fact she will be defying her father, the King of the Vampires, orders and sneaking out to join the other partiers. But she has to be careful, to be recognized will have her punished, but it’s worth the risk. Or so she thought until she’s completely ensnared by two dashing figures.

Carver Travis Wilks is Alpha of the largest Wolf Pack around. Prince Tremayne of the House van Moor is a Vampire prince. These two are mortal frenemies who have gone head to head and toe to toe. A day without them verbally slinging mud at one another means one of them is unconscious or otherwise preoccupied. That is until they meet her. The only woman to end their eternal feud and have them getting along, sort of. What neither expected was to have to face her father’s wrath over something the Gods had prearranged.

They will have to fight for one another, trust in each other and find love for one another deep within to make a go at this unusual match. It will test them in all ways imaginable and it could only make the bonds between them strong. Here’s hoping the Gods knew what they were doing.


There is very few books that Ice read that doesn’t have a defined plot. Smiles and shakes her head, this however is one of them. Not saying that in a negative manner, just was a no brain cell required read. The plot, storyline, characters all combined for a quick easy read.

Call it fate or call it Gods... anytime you have God in a mix, you know its going to be either really good or really bad. The Reglashien happens every 200 years, and is seen and watched over by the Gods. The even centers on un-mated people, that with a wee bit of help from the gods are matched together.

A vampire, lycan and half human all fated and matched together. The Vamp and Lycan were enemies with benefits and the girl was to be married so a Prince of another house, which her father set up.

Jett is the girl... Carver the Lycan... and Tremayne the Vampire. Each falls into the mating unit as easy as pie. Especially Jett, smiles if she fall any harder she'd be permanently face planted in the floor. The males shower her with sex and attention, I did mention sex yes?? She is more than willing anywhere any and all the time. I don’t think she is as sheltered as it seems. Jett was a eager girl, “in for a penny in for a pound” comes to mind. Trey and Carve more than live up to their mates needs.

It was a pretty good story, Id like to have seen a bit more interaction within the pack and clan. Smiles, but if you’re looking for a quick read and lots of sex, then grab this and enjoy!

Daria gives this book a

Review: Sleeping Beauty by Beth D. Carter

Sleeping Beauty 
by: Beth D. Carter
Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand Publishing
Sci-Fi Erotica / menage
Released: September 2013

Ronan Hark and Noah Kabot are deep space salvagers, partners in business as well as in life. While investigating an old ship they discover a cryo chamber holding the frozen body of a beautiful woman who's been asleep for thirty-one years. Against Ronan's better judgment, they take the chamber and wake her up. Alivia Carian has spent her life living as a sheltered yet unloved princess, until the day she is forced into cryostasis. It was only supposed to be for a short time, but somehow her ship crashed and she became nothing more than a memory. But now everything has changed. A hunter is after her and killing anyone who knows she's alive. As they race across the expanse of space, can Ronan and Noah keep her safe? And what happens when she finally returns home to confront a life that forgot about her?


A nice little read, involves a scavenger, a frozen heir apparent and a ex hooker. (smiles) All of them seemed to make it work. Ronan is a quiet thinker, always tries to looks a couple of steps ahead. Noah has so much energy, he will head into things without thinking it through too much. Alivia has slept her life away literally, when she finally wakes 30 years has passed.

Ronan knows they are headed from trouble, when the push forward to investigate a sound that Noah has heard. Of course against his better judgment they head toward the, abandoned ship and the sound. Upon entering the ship they discover a very expensive looking cryo unit, with what appears a young beautiful female still encased.

There a twist or two to this delightful little story. Royal intrigue, take overs, greed top that off with emotions that run rampant. Each of the star characters had a past, all of them together can head each other. In the middle of making the “bed springs” bounce, and the captains chair swivel (smiles) with some pretty hot scenes. The three of them will have to stay ahead of the “Hunter” that’s on their tail, to take out Aliva and make her just a memory. They will run into another bit of danger which ensues a rescue attempt.

This is the first book Ice read from this author, a job well done. Enjoy

Daria gives this book a

Review: 3013: Mated by Laurie Roma

3013: MATED 
3013 #1
by Laurie Roma
Publisher: Smashwords
Sci-Fi Erotica / Menage
Released: December 2013

Alexis Donovan is a woman whose dream of falling in love with the perfect men has been dashed because of her infertile status. Still recovering from a war that almost destroyed the world, humans have fought to rebuild and have once again opened their shields to outside visitors. As a liaison officer for alien races that are visiting Earth, Alexis does her best to ignore what she can never have, but when she is put in charge of four visiting alien warriors, her entire world changes... 

Dragons Warriors from Arcadia, Xavier and Galan Tesera and their best friends Thorn and Brydan Volis, have been curious about Earth ever since they helped the humans defeat their enemy years ago. As commanders of their own space vessel they travel the galaxies searching out the unknown, but in their hearts they know they will never truly be satisfied without a mate by their side. 

When the four Dragon Warriors land on Earth they are instantly enamored with the sharp-tongued liaison who ignites a burning passion in their hearts, and know that she is the mate they have been searching for who will complete their souls. Will Alexis take a chance on four alien warriors or will the fear of leaving everything she has ever known destroy her chance of finding true love?


I had so much fun with this book. Alpha maleness personified. Not 1 or 2, but 4 alien warriors that are larger than life. When they first lay eyes on Alexis each of them know she is their mate. The four warriors are Dragon Shifters and travel the world.

Alexis is a Laison Officer, on a world that separates fertile women and infertile women. The treatment of infertile women is atrocious, they don’t have many rights and are limited in what they can do.

At first Alexis didn’t want the job of showing earth the to aliens, but it was the lesser of two evils. When Alexis meets the warriors, just their presence sets her off balance. Because of her past issues with men, she really isn’t very quick to want to make cozy, the men are not going to let her get away that easy.

I enjoyed the story soo much, first loving dragons! Then just the story as a whole was awesome, the way the men cared and reacted to Alexis, and even though she was cautious Alexis gave them a chance. There were a couple of times things got a bit con-fuddled... (always remember one important word – communication) The very yummy and hot scenes, I found myself thinking of the dynamics.. giggles. I even pictured how big the bed needed to be to fit 5 people in it (they didn’t always use the bed). Just saying. Again loved the story line and the characters. Nice job Ms. Roma! Enjoy

Daria gives this book a 5/5.

Review: Claimed by Aliens by Rachel Clark

Claimed by Aliens 
Claimed #1
by: Rachel Clark
Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand Publishing
Sci-Fi Erotica / Menage

A naughty impulse leads to an extraordinary night…

Chloe has always loved her best friend, Kyle, so when he and his boyfriend, Rick, invite her into their bed she can’t resist.

Rick is an alien seeking suitable partners to complete his Jernodrian family pod. He always wanted Chloe, as well as Kyle, so when she comes to their bed willingly, proving everything he and Kyle believed about her, Rick impulsively claims her, marking her a Jernodrian del-shera. Now not only does he have to explain to Chloe how her life has been changed forever, he has to introduce her to his other three husbands. Will Chloe accept that she’s now a part of a six-way Jernodrian marriage, or will Rick’s impulsive action tear his newly completed family apart?

It certainly doesn’t help when heavily armed men claiming to be from the immigration department get involved…


She worked hard at a job she really didn’t like, she didn’t socialize that much especially with co-workers. Her off work social life wasn’t much better. Cloe had a thing for her roommate, but he was gay... or and she had this secret thing for Kyles man Rick. Though she would never act on either of the feelings she had. One night coming home, she followed the sound of moaning and knew Kyle was with his boyfriend. Heat infused Cloe and she found herself at their bedroom door listening in, when the door opens the door to her “normal” life will take a drastic change.

When invited to join them, her mind was saying no but her feet were moving toward the sexy male couple. As much as she reveled in Rick's touch, there was a instance that she felt a nip of pain … she even saw him glowing. Knowing Cloe was confused and in wonder, Rick explained who and what he was with Kyles help. Cloe was now the happy wife of 5 husbands, and she didn’t really freak out, wary a bit and cautious but yeah she held it together, again with the help of Kyle her best friend and roommate.

Well oh my... I had to wonder about the mechanics and the dynamics of such a large relationship. Ms. Clark made it work, in a awesome way. The bit of wrinkles in the story had nothing to do with the new relationship but the past of one of the husbands. I loved how they all were attentive to each other, no one was left out. Even bringing in the new addition, they strived to give her time to adjust. Cloe after the initial shock, did marvelous. The love scenes were pretty hot, frequent and hella enjoyable. I had a good time reading this. Im sure you will to, I cant wait to read the next in this series. Enjoy.

Daria gives this book a

Review: Covered by Bubbles by Gracie Meadows

Covered by Bubbles 
Heels for Hire Inc. #1
by: Gracie Meadows
Publisher: JK Publishing
Contemporary Erotica / Menage
Released: February 2014

Brandie "Bubbles" Anderson is always alert and ready to take any case head on. However, when a case she is involved in crosses over with the local PD's, Brandie finds herself working with two cops who threaten her independence. 
Chance and Dylan have been friends since the beginning days at the academy and now are partners at the Ridgeville Police department. After a series of thefts take place involving the elite citizens in the area, and with the mayor breathing down their Chief's back, he hires a private investigation service to help. What the men didn’t expect was for their new partner to be a kickass—take names later, bubbly blonde. 

Bubbles must work with the men to solve the case quickly before anything else comes up missing—including her heart. The case takes on a new meaning when a connection is found with one of the players. A simple case becomes Bubbles nightmare, leaving her holding another's fate in her hands. Will the men rescue her in time, or will they enter only to be covered by Bubbles? 


I love a book that makes me laugh, and this did. Its not a comedy, but just some of the situations and the back and forth between characters. I so adored Brandi how fun, sassy and totally kick ass lady. Brandi aka Bubbles is a private eye, on a mission. Brandi has a habit of reacting before thinking, sometimes it works for her sometimes it doesn’t.

On her latest job she is working with two officers to solve a case. Chance and Dylan are nothing like normal... or at least what Brandi is used to. Chance and Dylan are friends and has been for a while, they work together and live together.

When Chances and Dylan’s job meets them up with “Bubbles” and has men are men they zone in the whole T&A mode (smiles), with thoughts of Bubbles in their mind (and Bubbles is thinking about her men, yep she said that not me). All three will have to adjust and give a little.

I really enjoyed this story, the pace is decent moving right along, I adored all the characters. With Chance and Dylan though they wanted to keep Brandi safe, they also knew she was capable of taking care of herself. They didn’t try to change that (mostly), Brandi thought after her ex wanted her bare-feet and pregnant that she had sworn off of me.

All three just fit each other. I love the alpha male protectiveness added to the passion and need to show Brandi they're way of loving. The scenes were hot and yummy, Id have loved a bit more BDSM but it didn’t “take” anything from the story :) I recommend this read... Enjoy

Daria gives this book a

Review: Vampires' Witness by Abby Blake

Vampires' Witness
PUP Squad Alpha #1 
by: Abby Blake
Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand Publishing
Paranormal Erotica / Menage
Released: May 2012

Skye Hastings was content with her life. It was predictable and maybe a little dull, but she was happy to go with the flow and not ask for more—until she witnessed a brutal murder. Now she wants answers.

As elite members of the Paranormal Undercover Protection squad, Benjamin Carrington and Samuel Eldridge are quite happy. Okay, life isn't exactly one long party, but they get the job done and they know the people they're protecting are better off not knowing what goes on around them.

But when they find Skye dying, the only survivor of a brutal attack, it's a single decision that changes all of their lives.

Thrown into a world she doesn't understand, surrounded by creatures that aren't supposed to exist, Skye finds herself clinging to the men who saved her. But can she trust her emotions when the rest of her world is dissolving?


There are good and bad in every species, the PUP squad is the paranormals answer to the Police Department. The squad has its handful with a vampire serial killer, and are on a lead at a club when they discover the a grisly scene in the back alley. Sickened, enraged at what they see both Benjamin and Samuel barely notice the blonde among the carnage is alive...or almost dead.

Skye is at a club supposing to meet her sister, and her sister knows she hates this type of environment. It just never been her kinda thing, she enjoys the dull quiet that is her life. When Skye is hit upon she tries desperately to ignore the man, when she suddenly is going along doing what he is telling her to. Confused is the easiest thing skye has to deal with, in front of her unfolds a horror scene that she cant do anything help.

When Skye wakes she is half dressed and covered in blood... when that registers, she notices two drop dead gorgeous males... she is so tired she of course has to be dreaming. Ben and Samuel has no time to play babysitter to the little cutie that has brought out more than just the need to protect, but the need to caress, kiss and well ya know. They will of course keep it all professional, as they need Skye's help in the investigation... but what to do with and about the sweet sexy girl?

A fast paced quick read. Good vampires chasing bad ones, rescued damsels, and some yummy hotness between the sheets. Its quick and it works well enjoy.

Daria gives this book a

Review: Fueled by Lust: Severus by Celeste Prater

Fueled by Lust: Severus 
Fueled by Lust #2
by: Celeste Prater
Siren-BookStrand Publishing
Sci-Fi Erotica
Released: February 2014

Thrown together by the mating of Drusus and Avelina, Severus Faal and Cassie Wells find themselves drawn into a world of corporate espionage when Cassie catches a co-worker planting monitoring devices at her law office. Cassie’s drive to uncover the reason for the infiltration immediately engages Severus’s protective instincts to keep her safe. As they work together to solve this mystery, they begin a journey of self-discovery that raises old ghosts and salts unhealed wounds.

Since Severus refuses to wear his mating necklace, as is the custom of the Insedi male, he relies on instinct and readily dismisses signs that Cassie has triggered his mating cycle. While Cassie has a fearless outer shell, her core is full of shadows and indecision. A troubled childhood stagnates her ability to open her heart and experience a love that could span a millennium.

Book 2 in the Fueled By Lust series delivers heart-wrenching romance, intrigue, hot alpha-males, passion, and scorching, knee-wobbling sex.


This can be a stand alone, but it would be so much better reading the first one. With that being said I loved it as much as I did the first one.
Cassie – just a bundle of sassy and so adorable. She gives Severus a run for his money, always keeping him a bit off balance. Her best friend Lina, is dating a hunk of a man leads a lot of other drool worth men. One of those men happen to be named Severus.
Severus – a other-world bodyguard of a Drusus(a Prince). A Escort and a dancer its where he and others like him receive their energy. From the lust of others. (Imagine that – smiles)

Severus - has watched his Prince and other men lose themselves to their mates, or has watched others lose themselves finding out their mate belonged to someone else. So Severus has sworn off the mating ritual and took of the mating Torque that would tell him if he is close to his mate. To Severus he is better off without a mate.... or so he thinks.

Cassie – just dumped her recent boyfriend for his lack of knowing her or trying to get to know her among other things. When she meets Severus sparks fly, but she thinks its fueled by her dislike of the arrogant, bossy sexy behemoth of a man. Besides she isn’t his type, and she doesn’t want to get into a relationship... no no she doesn’t.. right?

Both the flow of the story along with the personalities of the characters, worked very well together. The talent of the writer to bring together a bit of danger, mystery to solve... along with passion and some scenes that are shower worthy :) just makes for a amazing story to read. I cant wait to see what Ms Prater has in store next. So grab this book along with your favorite drink, sit back and take a trip with Serverus and Cassie. Enjoy!!

Daria gives this book a