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Review: Dominated by Two Leopards by Tara Rose

Dominated by Two Leopards
The Alpha Legend #3
by: Tara Rose
$5.50 eBook
Siren-Bookstrand Publishing
Paranormal Erotica / Shapeshifter / Menage / BDSM
Released: November 2013

Jaguar shifter Nadine Richardson becomes a submissive to leopards and Doms, Austin and Galatyn Meliadus, who came to Jargonian village from Arizona to help her grandfather, Gary, in the quest to rid the shape-shifting world of the League of Exitium. She knows her time with them is limited, but she can’t help falling in love with both alphas.

Austin and Galatyn Meliadus came to Jargonian village to help capture the man who murdered Simon Meliadus—Galatyn’s brother and Austin’s cousin. They stay to help Gary break the power of the League, but neither man counted on losing their hearts to Gary’s granddaughter, Nadine, in the process.

Neither man wants to go out in the field again after Austin’s sub was killed five years earlier in the cross fire of a fight against League members, but working behind the scenes isn’t what Gary needs right now. But once the League is defeated, will they lose Nadine forever?

The story continues the fight against the League organization, as two leopards from a visiting city hangs out in the Jargonian village for a while. Austin and Galatyn alphas, cousins, cops and Doms. They also have had a little bit of history with Gary the leader of the group that fights against the League (an organization hell bent on destroying all shifters).

Nadine if we remember was mentioned in the previous story, this now is her story. Such a sweet girl wide eyed innocence, with a bit of a sad past. She works with her tramp of a cousin in a local bar that her Uncle owns. Nadine also spends some time at the one and only BDSM club in town, mind you she had never played only watched.

In comes the two sexiest males she has ever seen and though her cousin is simpering all over them. They seemed focused on her and when they make their way over to her … her body starts to tremble in more ways than one.
The Leopards know they shouldn’t engage in playtime with such a innocent, for various reasons one mainly being they are just visiting. The other each of them has a little bit of a past.

They are set on giving Nadine her play time and making it as memorable as they can. Will all three be able to leave their heart out of it? Will the ongoing danger of the league be a constant threat not only to each of the three but shifters in general. Will the need to seek justice or … vengeance color the need that forms the between all three shifters. A heartbroken … a past relived?

I just love Tara Rose, her passion and insight into the BDSM lifestyle is seen in the way she writes. Awesome!! From explaining the safe words to checking the equipment to watching the sub for changes makes the book in-tuned with the lifestyle.

The scenes were all hot and yummy... very twitch worthy. Tara does it again with book Three in this wonderful series... Enjoy!

Daria gives this book a

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