Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Review: Chasing Felicity by Tara Rose

Chasing Felicity
Passion Peak, Colorado #4
by: Tara Rose
$6.99 eBook
Siren-Bookstrand Publishing
Contemporary Erotica / BDSM / Menage
Released: September 2013

Pastry chef Felicity Featherstone falls hard for Dom Maverick Orantes, but he’s not the only man pursuing her. Paranormal investigator Kane Easton arrives in town in search of fake ghost hunter Trace Coleman. He makes no bones about his plans to leave once he’s exposed the man, but Felicity can’t resist Kane’s charm.

Maverick Orantes loved once and lost. He’s reluctant to give his heart away again until he meets Felicity. But Kane has stolen her affections as well, and Maverick realizes she wants and needs them both. As his uncle’s involvement with Trace Coleman’s illegal activities is revealed, Maverick needs both Felicity’s love and Kane’s alliance.

Kane Easton comes to Passion Peak from Connecticut to exact revenge on Trace Coleman for what the man did to his family. But he must leave town once that’s done because of his family and financial obligations. However, if he does, he’ll leave behind the only woman he’s ever truly loved.

Always something happening in Passion Peak! History mixes with myth. Along with a fair amount of deceit going on.

Kane is determined to get to the bottom of some of it, as he has been chasing someone who he thinks is responsible some shady dealings. In following some leads, Kane will also find a lot of information on the secrets of the peak.
Maverick well wheres he been?? Felicity has been wondering, and a couple of others.. Mavericks answer? He just doesn’t get out much. When he meets Felicity, he seems to be the most agreeable man she has ever met. Is he real??
Felicity she brings true meaning to “ A close mouth doesn’t get fed” in more than one way. One of those ways is she is a awesome baker... second she doesn’t have a problem saying whats on her mind. What is on her mind... the sexy charmer Kane, will she risk thinking and doing too much with him when he's been honest and up front with her. But wait... there is Maverick as well, he carries his own brand of charm, being a easy going Dom. Oh my stars how will Felicity ever choose.... or does she have to choose?

Well among the bed sheets going up in passionate hot flames, there is a mystery to be solved, a bad guy to catch and family to take care of. Again some hot tag teaming, with a bit of BDSM along with a bit of falling in love. Tara does it again! Awesome and fun story! Enjoy.

Daria gives this book a

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