Saturday, April 26, 2014

Review: Be Were by Eliza Gayle

Be Were
Southern Shifters #5
by: Eliza Gayle
$3.99 eBook
Paranormal Erotica / Shapeshifters
Gypsy Ink Books
Released: January 2014

Dean had a family once. Until tragedy and betrayal consumed them. Now he lives on his own terms keeping life simple and carefree. Then one night leads to one bite and he's forced back into a dangerous world that reminds him he's still as angry as ever and this time he's not leaving until he gets what he wants. Niki.

Niki Harris has lived a life of secrets and solitude with no interest in making a change. But an easy one night stand turns complicated and she finds herself marked. Now she has to decide, tell the sexy shifter with a possessive streak a mile wide she's pregnant and in danger or do what she's always done--run.

Walking up on the wrong side of Tuesday seems to be Niki's frame of mind, as she is flirted with she is about to show the human male the error of his ways. Dean catches a scent, a scent that has his animal screaming mine. He feels the need to step in as Niki is ready to deliver a lethal blow to a jerk that was bothering her. Niki is his mate... he is in for a rude awakening if he thinks she will just conform.

Niki doesn’t just have a attitude but she is a rare breed, that much isn’t known about. Dean is a mixed breed himself and when they meet it will set off enough fire to scorch both of them down to their bones.

Niki will get all in Dean's face, as soon as he utters the word mate. Like she has time for that nonsense, not on his life will she be sticking around. Dean's had some bad blood between him and his brother, eventually it will have to be dealt with. It kind of takes a back burner when Niki gets taken against her will. Is it time to forgive and forget? Is it time to trust and not be lonely.

I loved the story... I enjoyed Dean... Niki I wanted to strangle, she may have had good reason for all the “tude” but drop it down a notch. (smiles). We have all kinds of mixed breeds, we have a bit of magic and a bit of science. Stir in some love, some amazing sex and you may baying at the moon yourself. (smiles) 

Daria gives this book a

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