Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Darkling (Collection) by Marteeka Karland

Darkling (Collection)
by: Marteeka Karland
$5.99 eBook
Changeling Press
Paranormal Erotica
Released: January 2014

Daemon's Revenge

All Ariel wants is a bit of rough lovin, or so she thinks. Her current love is a very large, very powerful vampire. Ariel thinks to get his attention by being in a “sex video” with someone else. Daemon knows his power and strength... he has always had a soft touch with Ariel, not wanting to expose her to his baser, to his darker side. He doesn’t get that, that is what Ariel is craving. When he answers her needs in his own special way, will Ariel recover? Dameon puts a whole new meaning to doing it rough.

I loved it! Some make you gasps sex scenes. A Dominate Vampire that will have Ariel second guessing her own intention with getting her Vampires attention.

Darkling Lust

A book I'd call of Life, cause once you open and read it your life as you know it will change. Now is that change for the best... only time will tell. As a Darkling spends time after time keeping humans safe, they will finally get their reward for all their hard work. A reward that comes in a human form. Mary opens the book, and gets swept up by a mighty winged creature. Will she believe .. or will she think that its only a dream, her darkling will give her a choice spend eternity with him.. or go back to the life she has known.

Darkling Possession

Diana watched her grandmother lose herself the love that was her mate – a Darkling. Diana swears she will not be the same, and avoids the pull of the book. In not opening the book and accepting her fate, her darkling will be as he is, part darkling that helps humans .. part draconian that harms human. Never to settle down with a mate. When Diana finally realizes the damage she has done not just to her but to her Darkling, she tries to right the wrong and accept her fate... but will her darkling be as forgiving?

My favorite was the first one. All were good, but I enjoyed Daemons Revenge the best. All are short reads, good story lines and characters were fun. Some pretty hot delicious scenes, that had me smiling “that” smile. Have fun and enjoy.

Daria gives this book a


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