Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Review: Unexpected Consequences by Sloan Johnson

Unexpected Consequences: an Isthmus Alliance novel
By: Sloan Johnson
Amazon Publishing
Genre: Contemporary Romance, ménage, GLBT, BDSM, light BDSM
Released: March 12, 2014
242 pages
UC is part of a series and must be read in order starting with Unexpected Angel then Unexpected Protector.  Enough said...on to the nitty gritty!
UC picked up where Unexpected Protector left us hanging with a major cliffie involving the girls, but it was sooooo worth the wait!  The sex that started as an itch to scratch became so much more when the risk of losing stares you in the face. 
Zeke, Mary and Jeff have all been diddling each other for awhile now, but nothing serious.  After the accident, Mary is left unable to really care for herself, so Zeke insists she go home with him, and Jeff....well he might as well live there too. I just loved that way that these men stepped right in caring for Mary physically, emotionally, and sexually of course!  Living in domestic harmony brings these three closer together. They are each give the other what they need, but a love like theirs is not easy.  Zeke begins to feel emotionally slighted when Jeff and Mary have their time together, but as emotionally in tune with each other that matter is quickly put to rest.   
There is something so breath-taking about a very alpha male submitting to just a firm grasp on the neck.  Jeff lets his Dom side reign when Zeke needs the strength to let go.  Zeke is worried how his friends and family will respond to his bi-sexuality, and as usual he underestimates them both.  With his music management business with Dylan taking off, Zeke enjoys the social drinking that comes with it, but Jeff hides his own demons when it comes to alcohol.  When comfort and strength come from an unlikely source, Jeff is able to make some hard decisions about his future with Mary and Zeke.
I loved how the author kept the previous characters in the background adding their comfort and support.  Not too shy to say that I love man-love!  Jeff and Zeke are amazing together and with Mary.  We even get to see the domme side of Mary come out while they play with Zeke and might I say that whole scene earned a cold shower, cigarette and a slap on the derriere.   The author did a superb job of showing the difficulties that can come with ménage relationship and coming out to friends and family about your sexuality. Loved this series and can't wait for more!
~reviewed by Michele

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