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Review: Keeping Cambria by Kitty DuCane

Keeping Cambria
Hell's Hunters #1
by: Kitty DuCane
$2.99 eBook
Self Published
Paranormal Erotica / menage
Released: February 2013

Cambria Johnson’s on a mission—to kill every vampire she can find. But when a vampire rescues her from another vamp, she has to rethink killing them all. Then he shows up again at another one of her kills…and he has a twin. When the two most attractive, sexy men she’s ever seen start spouting some nonsense about a mate, she knows she can’t run far enough.

Viper and Venom are vampire/werewolf hybrids and are part of Hell’s Hunters whose sole responsibility is to eliminate threats to society from feral vampires and werewolves. Women aren’t meant to fight, should never use themselves as bait, especially one as sensual as Cambria. Keeping their hands off of her is out of the question.

Keeping her safe is even harder.

Cambria is on a mission that has her out hunting and killing any vampires she meets. In searching for “Steven” she has come across some bad vampires.. when she is saved by one, that throws her confusion her way... every vampire needs killing right?? Even tall dark and sexy ones right??

Cambria will fight within herself and she gets closer to the Hell Hunters.
The Hell Hunters is a set of brothers that are hybrids, two of the brothers has just found their mate. Twins share everything right? Smiles. A human woman that fights vampires, Viper and Venom will have their work cut out for them trying to keep her safe.
"The Boys” a set of beautiful twins, Viper being the hot head and Venom being the calmer one. Venmon will need all the calm to keep his brother Viper from raging. That calm will also have to come in play as the buffer for Cambria, if either of the twins plan on showing her why she should stay.

I loved the story, loved the characters. It touched on passion, pain and heartbreak then love should bloom. Had a few scorching scenes that were drool worthy, a menage of human and sexy vamp twins, then each brother takes the vampire slayer individually while the other watches. Cambria will also do a bit of her own teasing. All the way around it was a great story. Id recommend it and cant wait to read the others. Enjoy!

Daria gives this book a

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