Saturday, March 1, 2014

Review: Carissa's Surrender by Gina Duncan

Carissa's Surrender
Shared Desires #3
by: Gina Duncan
$2.99 eBook
Jupiter Gardens Press
Contemporary Erotica / menage / GLBT
Released: December 2013


Life had been pretty easy for Carissa Randall. At twenty seven she was one of the top prosecuting attorneys in California and the youngest partner in the Towsen, Lambert & Randall Law Firm, owned a home, had great friends and drove the sports car she’d always wanted. The only downfall to her perfect life…she was in love with her best friend and house mate, Sebastian Hartwell who just happened to be in love with another man, Gavin Sanborn.

Both men tried to involve her in everything they did. At first she believed they were doing it because they felt sorry for her. The problem now…she was also falling in love with Gavin. When she learns the truth that both men want her to be their third, she’s not sure if she should give in to her feelings and tell the men she loves them both—or run like hell.

Unrequited love? Or is it....because her housemate is gay, Carissa feels as though she can walk around the house half naked. Who is it going to bother.. Sebastian pffftt not likely, he has a man in his life and pretty much has treated Carissa like a sister or something. So when as a lawyer Carissa is threatened, Sebastian calls in his equally sexy boyfriend Gavin.

Besides her temper flying, so does her passion for Gavin which she will try to ignore if he lets her. So really.. whats going on isn’t Gavin with Sebastian? Carissa will turn her insides in knots trying to ignore and stay away from Gavin.

Gavin a sexy martial arts teacher and for the moment Carissa's bodyguard. When she give him a hard time about protecting her, he treats her like any other child that acts out.. and spanks her. Gavin thinks about the hints that Sebastian has been dropping, and the response from Carissa's hot little body and Gavin knows just what to do.

Sebastian is and has been best friends with Carissa for a very long time, because of his lifestyle he figures he wouldn’t have a chance with Carissa for more than just friends. Watching her move around their house in just her thong would try a saint... well he and Gavin. (smiles). They then set out the sweetest seduction, hot passion, against the wall, in the office.. the court house?? say it isn’t so? Smiles.

It was a fun read, watching how the story unfolds, how all three deal with their unusual/usual situation. Loved how Gavin took control.. Rawr... I think Ill have to read her other books, since I liked this one so much. Enjoy.

Daria gives this book a

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  1. I just wanted to say thanks, Daria, I am delighted that you enjoyed Carissa's Surrender.
    Gina Duncan