Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Review: Finding Me by S.K. Hartley

Finding Me (The Bad Boy Series)
By: S.K. Hartley
Genre: Contemporary Romance, violence, angst
Release: January 26,2014
167 pages
~*~This book was given to me in trade for an honest review~*~
S.K. Hartley picks right up where she left us in Finding You.  Neva bound and gagged at the hands of Angel's father, Jack, as he brutalizes her physically and emotionally with a twisted tale of his own making centered around her father.  As he shares the root of his hatred for her father and ultimately Angel himself, she understands more about the man she thought she loved.
Realizing that she has her cell in her pocket, Neva calls the one man who said he would always protect her...Logan.  Using a wayward knife to free herself, Neva places her phone on the floor and sneaks up behind Jack catching him off guard with the knife to his throat.  Praying that Logan was on the line, she yells out the address and fights for her life.  If she thought surviving this attack was simple, what lie ahead  would stir up every doubt, every guilty emotion and leave her gapping wide open.
Neva and Logan are two selfish and selfless lovers.  One not wanting to hurt the other, they push each other away only to wither and die apart.  Their love and need for each other was second to protecting the other from themselves.  Ugh....these two abused my heart!  They only want what is best for the other even if it means walking away.  The darkness that clouded their eyes and hearts blinded them from the only thing that could save them....each other. 
Their love is visceral and consuming.  One minute you're crying for them, then the next you want to yell. They needed a little help from Tate and Lowe to realize that what they were doing to each other was affecting more that just them.  The author grabbed me with the first chapter and didn't let go until the last page.  I cannot wait for Tate and Low's story next.
5 out of 5



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