Friday, February 14, 2014

Book Review: Undertow by Amber Lynn Natusch

By: Amber Lynn Natusch
Self Publisher
ISBN: 978-0-9891023-3-9
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Format: ebook
Released: October 28,2013
Price: $2.99

Aesa Fredriksen was a part of the Bering Sea no matter how much she fought against it.  Time and space could not keep her from returning home to her father and sea that had taken so much from her.  Her mother who walked into the frigid water and never returned.  Her father that captained his own boat and left her feeling abandoned and angry.  Blaming her father for her mothers death, she ran to Ohio and entered medical school.

Nine years later, Aesa returns home to see her father and start her internship at an emergency room in an Anchorage hospital.  Time and life at sea had not been kind to her father, but it allowed her to mature and see things in a new light.  She agrees to accompany him and his crew out on a crap run in hopes of spending time with him, but what she experiences is beyond her expectations.

Decker, her fathers trusted deck hand, exuded wisdom and strength beyond her understanding became very protective of Aesa on the boat.  As she worked along side the men, Decker was never far insuring her safety.  An electricity crackling between them. When a hurricane heads straight for the boat, an ultimate act of selflessness will cement those emotions.

' "I'm not going anywhere, Aesa." '  His words resonated with a strength and certainty that could only come from a deep-seated conviction based on truth. ' "I am a man. I don't run. I don't lie. I don't cheat, and I don't use.  I don't find enjoyment in games, either.  I have paid for my mistakes in life and learned from them.  I know what I want, Aesa, and I want you.  Nothing more. Nothing less." '  He pressed his mouth against mine again but harder, the pressure illustrating the truth behind his words and his desperation for them to register.  ' " Disappointment and sadness don't have to be you life anymore.  You can choose to have more," ' he whispered, his head hanging just above me.  "You can choose me." '

Life seems to be going well...great boyfriend, reconciling with her father, promising medical career, until a boating accident tips Aesa's life upside down. RUN and run far, building those walls back up around her heart, but what is meant to be will  always find a way.

I thoroughly fell in love with this story.  The characters were deep and multi-facted.  Absolutely loved this book. The author showed she took the time to research the fishing/crab industry and the tight knit family bond felt my those who live and breath life on the sea. Aesa's fears almost ruin everything instead of overcoming them.  Decker showed a quiet strength and wisdom that made him even more sexy...if that is possible!  I didn't want this story to end.  A sweet love story with enough intensity to hold your attention to the last page!

5 out of 5



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