Friday, December 20, 2013

Review: Seducer's Moon by Loribelle Hunt

Seducer's Moon
Lunar Mates #9
by: Loribelle Hunt
$5.99 eBook
Etopia Press
Paranormal Erotica / Menage / Shifter
Released: November 2013

Two wolves. One mate. A secret so big it will stun the werewolf world.

Gage Rylon has a secret. He’s the heir of the last Regis, the king of werewolves, but more than that, his father was leader of the Society of Rogues and murdered his own mate, Gage’s mother.

Orphaned and separated from his twin Gideon at the age of thirteen, Gage is finally reunited with his brother. But as it turns out, they’ve both set out to claim the same mate.

Marilyn Sanders has no intention of taking one mate, much less two. Throw in the fact that one of them is the Regis and she’s even more determined to keep her distance. If only they weren’t so damned irresistible. As if the dominant, overbearing Alpha would allow her to resist.

But there is something more dangerous than two mates lurking in the shadows. As Gage makes his identity known to the werewolf world, he comes under threat from those who won’t return to central rule. Worse, the new leader of the Society wants him eliminated…

A male with a past that no one but a few know of, a past that has kept him from his brother and his mate. Can you imagine having to cut off or hold back feelings that were as strong as the pull of the moon?  Gage is just that man, and has grown into a force to be reckoned with. He will protect what's his till his last breath, but will wreak havoc against his enemies.

Marilyn is such an independent unofficial leader of the females in her pack, both sassy and intelligent. She was warned to stay away from Gage growing up, and now as adults she can see why.  Both of them are stubborn to a fault with a healthy dose of attitude.  Which will win the day?  Or will it be a win win? Secrets to be told, past to be buried a future to unfold.

All kinds of issues rise, once Gage lets it be known Marilyn is his mate, then in comes his brother no one knew about and Gage finds himself not only battling the enemy but his mat'es own feelings, as well as her family.

There are some BDSM elements, a lot of control, possession.  That was tempered with the need to protect their mate and keep her safe. A lot of mind-blowing sex, growling and biting.  Did I mention sex? Body arching, nail scratching and teeth grazing..... smiles.

Danger is always near, and some of the innocent will pay as Gage and Gideon's mate is targeted.  As the Alpha Gage will find himself indebted to a shadow that always seems near.  Love the story and the characters, very easy to adore. Enjoy!

Daria gives this book a

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