Thursday, December 19, 2013

Review: Persuading Eve by Tara Rose

Persuading Eve
Passion Creek, Colorado #5
by: Tara Rose
$5.99 eBook
Siren-Bookstrand Publishing
Contemporary Erotica / BDSM / Menage
Released: November 2013

Vet tech Eve Rydell escaped an abusive marriage with the help of Dom and fiancé Phil Parkwood, and her life seems perfect. When Phil suggests a threesome with his cousin, Knox Parkwood, Eve is intrigued and agrees. But when she spots a man she thinks is her ex-husband, her illusion of a perfect life is shattered.

Passion Peak police sergeant Phil Parkwood helped put a gang of serial rapists in jail in Wyoming five years earlier. When one of them makes parole, he is spotted in Passion Peak. Will his fiancée and sub, Eve, become a target?

Knox Parkwood owns an auto detailing and repair shop, but while his business thrives, his love life is a disaster. When Phil invites him over for dinner and a threesome with Eve, he falls like a stone for her. But while his relationship with Eve blossoms, she is targeted by a stranger loose on the streets of Passion Peak.

Ms. Rose is beginning to be one of my go-to authors!!  I started and finished this in one day, because who needs sleep. (smiles)  As bad as Eve's past was and though she still has triggers, she has a life to be proud of, a man that loves the very ground she walks on.  Phil is a Dom and with the patience he is known for, has showed his fiancee whats it's like to be loved.

Ms. Rose blended a bit of danger, lots of love, a dash of jealousy and a pinch of family.  I really liked that she brought the other characters back into Phil and Eve's book.  I also liked how she showed that even cops can be bad (not in the norm but it does happen).

I fell in love with Knox, he seemed down and out but had more grit then we would have thought.  A bad relationship that left him hand to mouth, and some people feeling sorry for him (I think also at times feeling sorry for himself).  Phil mentioned and hinted more than once to Even, about a third joining their playtime.  Phil thought He could handle it, (inserts a smack to the back of his head) and Phil almost acted the donkey but managed to settle.  When the couple approached Knox with the idea of him joining in a threesome, all kinds of emotions passed all of their faces.  My favorite part of this story was when Knox and Phil had dinner and Knox made his feelings known.  In a lot of menage relationships I think the third gets left out emotionally.

In the scenes Eve was always been looked after, checking to make sure what level she was at.  It was nice to see the care her Dom had with her on all levels.  It was also very nice to see the patience the Dom had with someone who is new to the scene.  The sex of course was yummie and hot, could we expect less from Ms. Rose?  Again the Dom (Phil) showed care and love, how he guided Eve through the triggers that sometimes came up with her.

Overall I loved this, it was only a couple of times I wanted to smack Phil, you will see why. (smiles). Also how as a BDSM community they looked out for one another, Eve had friends to go to that either was in the lifestyle or knew about it.  Can't wait to read some of her other books!! Enjoy.

Daria gives this book a

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