Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Review: Night Moves By Andrea Smith

Night Moves (Book #3 – G-Man Series)

By: Andrea Smith

Meatball Taster Publishing

ISBN: 978-0-578-12747-7

Modern Romance

Released 11/27/2013


I love the continually evolving story line throughout the series.  Now our man Easton is not a G-Man himself, but as Taz’s brother it is the next best thing.  Step-brothers that were separated at a young age and each raised by a parent will speak volumes on the type of men they grow to become.  Easton’s childhood demons will strangle your heart and make you love him even more. 

Darcy and Darin’s love story would have lasted, that is until she found him on their couch with “Dirty Diana”…nekkid!  Escaping to Belize for the Christmas/New Year’s holiday in true rich girl fashion, Darcy isn’t looking for any kind of male attention.  That doesn’t mean that one in particular won’t be drawn to her, but the woman with him is not too pleased by his wandering eye. 

Misinterpretations and half-truths will keep these two apart until the real world forces their paths to cross.  A successful businessman, Easton consumes and concurs whatever his devilish good looks and charisma desire.  As the daughter of his latest acquisition, Darcy’s has been insured that she will learn the business first hand from her new boss.  Setting eyes on the man who she left in Belize, she realizes it is a losing battle. 

With a jealous personal assistant set on destroying the bond between Darcy and Easton, Lacee will try and try again to create distrust between them.  Easton tries to stay away from her, but he just can’t.  So when danger steals her away, his latest invention, Night Moves, will be put to the test. The final showdown will take every resource he has including his brother, Taz, Slate and the FBI.

Who loves a sexy alpha with a British accent and jewelry that he knows how to use?  Uh….ME!  Easton is one man will make you scream in frustration and ecstasy.  Our girl, Darcy, grows so much throughout this story and truly becomes a force to be reckoned with.  Together, they are fantastic!  Ms. Smith creates a world of strong men who can only be tamed by their equals with passion and strength.  Proud to a member of the G-Man’s Women’s Club!

5 out of 5


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