Friday, December 20, 2013

Review: Into the Ashes by Laurie Roma

Into the Ashes
Arcadians #2
by: Laurie Roma
$6.50 eBook
Siren-Bookstrand Publishing
Sci-Fi Erotica / Menage
Released: November 2013

Raven Sanchez is a Chicago cop who has risen from the ashes of a painful past. Struggling with the disappearance of her friend, Raven seeks to find balance in her life, but everything changes when she’s struck by lightning and finds herself transported to another world.

Kings Savitar, Kadan and Tristan Akira have been searching for the woman who will complete their souls. Born in a world with a shortage of females, they fear that day will never come. When a goddess suddenly appears in the middle of their palace, they know she is the one they have been waiting for and claim her before she can escape.

Caught in a clash of cultures, Raven must forge a place for herself in this new world. When wills collide and legacies are unveiled, can she find a way to embrace being an Arcadian or will the fires of lust burn them all to ashes?

Dragons!!  When she's struck by lightning, Raven's world as she knew it changes, but for the good...well, all bets aren’t in on that yet.  Faced with huge beings (with fangs no less), pushes Raven's cop instincts to the max, as she duck and dodges and tries to escape.

Even on other worlds men have a habit of acting like Neanderthals, and it seems Arcadia is no different so both Kadan and Tristan singlehandidly tilts Raven's world more than it already is.  Raven lands in the middle of a festival being held at Kadan and Tristian (a Savitar absent brother) palace, creating chaos. Poor Raven, all she sees is giants, glowing eyes and fangs, and panic sets in.

With a mind link Kaden and Tristan knows Raven is their and Savitar's mate, but instead of calming her they make it worse, leaving the one brother (that is seen as a regret to other women) to calm Raven. Raven is drawn to Savitar, he slowly weaves peace and contentment between both of them, but never leaves his brother out.

Fate as it is allows the Gods to play and they have as the God of the Sun, his mate the Goddess of the Moons come up with a plan to help save Arcadia from themselves, it worked once why not again. (smiles).

There is nothing negative I can say about this book. Loved it all of it, the story, the characters. I adored Silas and Lumeria, their love and banter was touching. The haven with the unmated females was a big thing, enjoyed reading it.  If I had to pick a favorite character it would be Tristian, he had less interaction with Raven and loved her just as much.  Throw in some very hot yummie sex scenes through the story, even a bit of danger and you have a book I'd more than recommend.  This was part 2 but you can still read it without the first and understand it. Though now I’m off to find the first book. Enjoy!

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