Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Review: Claimed By You by K.A. M'Lady

Claimed By You
Vranthian Vampires #2
by: K.A. M'Lady
$2.99 eBook
Mojocastle Press
Sci-Fi Erotica / Menage
Released: October 2013

On Vranthia, The Wasting is spreading, mutating, claiming not only the women of this fierce, warrior race, but stealing the lives of men, children, warriors,
and now, some say, even the Elders among their race.

Rumors of the trion – the ancient joining of Vranthian, Darengy and Outworlder blood and magic as a cure – is growing beyond the halls of Prince Kuthar’s
court. With his brother, Prince Draven’s recent joining, there is the first glimmer of hope for their people. But with hope comes lies and growing subterfuge. The Elders demand a rightful ruler and some will stop at nothing to get it.

Kuthar Balacjek – leader, warrior, and vampire is first in line to be the rightful king. Bred to rule from an early age, he has learned Vranthian laws, and
their ancient history. He has studied their past, and fought their battles with the blood, sweat and ferocity, that only a true ruler can comprehend. But The
Wasting is an enemy that even he is uncertain how to conquer. Will he find the answers he seeks in the ones whose fate he now controls? Or have they laid
claim to his soul?

Cynthiana Rue – Cyn – has never been more irritated in her life. Space-napped by her best-friend and a misfit crew of alien vampires she is swept up in
Vranthian legend, war and her captors’ unbridled passions. Will she fight for her freedom or give in to the unknown?

Ooen has known slavery his entire life. Bound since youth to guard the Elder, Vogeth, he has known a life of deception. And now, The Wasting has changed
everything. Accused of Vogeth’s death, his fate now lies in the hands of the Vranthian ruler – something his human captive can comprehend. Will he too rebel, or will his magic help to set them all free?

First let me say I wish I'd read the first one.  This one is pretty much a stand alone, so reading the first one would have been icing on the cake.  But Wow
and Loved it!! I would have given it 5 stars except for the length--read it in a few hours.

The trion--another word for a smexy hot threesome--between a vampire, a healer, and an otherworlder.  Stir in some magic and intrigue, a dash of danger and a few drops of hot sexy sex, and you will end up with an enjoyable and fun--however quick--read.

A world is dying and the trion may have the answers to help stop it, but there are others at play that don’t want it to happen.  The Prince who is an alien vampire will fight hard to protect what is his.  Cyn will fight her fate for how long?  It can't be that bad to have two sexy passionate men lavish all
kinds of attention on you.  Okay, say maybe being dragged and snatched from your home world, then taken to space to be mated is a bit much for a red blooded girl to handle.

When Kuthar first meets Cyn he knows it's over for him, or better yet just beginning.  Finding his mate Cyn leaves the Prince in need to find the third mate
to his trion.  He finds a healer that is a slave that is under suspicion for murdering a Elder.  On top of that Kuthar has another brother that is out for
everyone’s blood.

There is magic afoot!!  Who doesn’t love magic? A healer's magic, death magic, and the magic of the trion.  As the newest trion is formed they race to their home world to hopefully solve the riddle of the wasting curse, but will they make it there in one piece?  Has fate given themselves to each other just to snatch them away?  Will their bodies glorify in the hot sparks created when all three of them come (pun intended) together?

The Lady of Death... well that is for the next story.. (smiles) enjoy!

Daria gives this book a

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