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12 Reviews of Christmas #12: The Cowboy's Christmas Baby by Carolyn Brown

The Cowboy's Christmas Baby
Cowboys and Brides #2
by: Carolyn Brown
$7.99 mass market paperback
Sourcebooks Casablanca
Contemporary Romance / Cowboys / Christmas
Released: October 2013

Drew and Lucas became good friends during their latest tour in Kuwait, but only one would come home.  Lucas met Natalie, Drew’s best friend from home, during one of his nightly webcam visits and he was instantly smitten.  So when tragedy strikes and Drew is killed, Lucas continues the nightly chats with her over the remaining year and promise that she will be there when he comes home.  Shared secrets and memories, they grow close, but nothing will prepare him for their face to face. 

Lucas was raised on a ranch in Texas buy his father and grandfather after his mother left them in the hands of Hazel.  Hazel was everything to Lucas and the other Allen men.  So when an injury lands her in the hospital, planning Lucas’ coming home party the month before Christmas falls on Natalie.  When he arrives early and finds her standing with a dead wolf at her feet with a pistol in one hand and a baby in the other, shock is far from the only emotion flooding his brain.

Anger. Deceit. Relief.  Lucas feels betrayed by Natalie’s failure to mention that she was pregnant, but he has his only secret he was keeping?  Too bad for him that the other Allen men are already in love with her and her son, Josh, and convince her to stay until Hazel can return to work in a month. Emotions run high between them as they adjust to living every day together in the flesh.  Anger will grow into admiration and then passion, but first they must get through the holiday. 

I could not help but love Natalie from the very first page.  She is an amazingly strong woman who has survived a lot in her lifetime and never let it stop her.  Ugh…Lucas,  I could have kicked him in the…well you know.  His initial response to Natalie would have sent me packin, but her commitment to the other men and the ranch are what make her a beautiful character.  Their passion grows physically and emotions.  Christmas miracles happen at Cedar Hill Ranch.

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