Friday, November 22, 2013

Review: Once Bitten, Twice Shy by Jennifer Rardin

Once Bitten, Twice Shy
Jaz Parks #1
by: Jennifer Rardin
$7.99 mass market paperback
Orbit Books
Paranormal Fantasy / Vampires
Released: July 2009

I'm Jaz Parks. My boss is Vayl, born in Romania in 1744. Died there too, at the hand of his vampire wife, Liliana. But that's ancient history. For the moment Vayl works for the C.I.A. doing what he does best--assassination. And I help. You could say I'm an Assistant Assassin. But then I'd have to kick your ass.

Our current assignment seemed easy. Get close to a Miami plastic surgeon named Assan, a charmer with ties to terrorism that run deeper than a buried body. Find out what he's meeting with that can help him and his comrades bring America to her knees. And then close his beady little eyes forever. Why is it that nothing's ever as easy as it seems?

This book sat on my to-be-read pile for months before I finally picked it up.  After finishing it, I kicked myself for waiting so long to read it.  Jaz is such a powerful character.  She grabs you by the shirt front and drags her into her world of vampire assassins, paranoid tech geeks, powerful psychics, and bubblegum chewing PIs.  The cast of characters is amazing, and each has their own individual voice.  I love how Jaz has multiple personalities in her head that have a voice of their own, and point things out to her that she otherwise might have missed.  You might worry about an assassin that hears voices, but the books are written in such a way that you can't help but chuckle at the humor and wit of the characters. 

For those of you who are considering reading the entire series, it's awesome.  One thing to note is that Jennifer Rardin passed away in 2010, so no more books are in the future for this series.  There are eight in the series, and I was really worried that the series would end on a cliffhanger, but while everything wasn't completely wrapped up, I'm happy with how it ended.  Yay!         
Carla gives this book a

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