Thursday, October 31, 2013

Review: Untangle Me by Chelle Bliss

Untangle Me
by: Chelle Bliss
$2.99 eBook
Self Published
Contemporary Erotica
Released: September 2013

I instantly fell in love with Kayden and Sophia.  Their love story is powerful and consuming and I was hooked right from page one.  The struggles that they go through truly test her commitment to Kayden, but their love conquers all.  This story tests the limits of addictions, depression and crazy ex-girlfriends.
With a personal message and friend request on Facebook, Sophia and Kayden are reconnected.  As an old friend of her brother’s, their friendship quickly escalates to texting, phone calls and Skyping.   A long distance relationship is difficult to nurture, but theirs blossoms and grows that goes from innocent to raging passion until his past rears its ugly head.  Sending Kayden into a tailspin, Sophia is there to catch him, but his road to recovery is not without some major hurdles.  An obsessed ex-girlfriend is bound and determined to regain what she threw away will test their love.  As Kayden’s champion, Sophia encourages him to fight back and regain his life, and ultimately his self-respect. 
Ms. Bliss created a real page turner with Untangle Med.  With lovable characters, she creates a world of real-life hurdles that people encounter and families must overcome or crumble.  I loved that the Sophia was the heroine in this story. The author used social media as a means of connecting people in this modern day romance. 

Michele gives this book a

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