Friday, October 18, 2013

Review: Training Summer by Tara Rose

Training Summer
Passion Peak, Colorado #3
by: Tara Rose
$6.99 eBook
Siren Publishing
Contemporary Erotica / Menage / BDSM
Released: September 2013

Receptionist Summer Andrews gets a pleasant surprise when Dom Dalton Metcalf steps in to mentor her and Wes Danbury at Indulgence, the local BDSM club. Her night of erotic play with both men awakens long-buried fantasies, and she’s drawn to both sexy Doms.

IT manager Wes had a run-in with Dalton years earlier, but he must put that aside when he finds himself sharing Summer, the object of his unrelenting fantasies, in and out of the dungeon. She wants both him and Dalton to train her as a sub, and she wants them both as lovers.

Dalton is falling in love with Summer, and although he’d rather not share her with anyone, he’d also do anything not to lose her. But before the three can work out their convoluted relationship, Dalton must face the undeniable fact that his father is involved with a fake ghost hunter who is searching for stolen money and jewels hidden in Passion Peak.

As always I love a book that has a BDSM storyline, and the story weaves itself around 3 characters mainly.  Summer, a sweet girl from the “wrong side of the tracks”, Dalton from the right side of the tracks but with a few skeletons in his closet and lastly Wes another from the right side of the tracks, but shy and unsure of himself. Indulgence is a BDSM club that all three characters go to. Wes and Summer are new to the lifestyle; Dalton steps in and agrees to train both of them.

I loved the storyline, but the “buried treasure” was a bit convoluted for me; I saw the need for that part in story line though. The only other part that bothered me was the relationship between Wes and Dalton. Again I see the need; neither situation took away from the story. I adored Summer and my heart went out to her. I can’t imagine two sexier men to learn BDSM with and together. The way Ms. Rose wrote the hot, sexy BDSM scenes gave a lot of credit to the lifestyle. Yay!! It was fun watching the new Dom come into himself as well as the sub learning the ropes. Immerse yourself in the story, feel the passion the caresses invoke, maybe even squirm a little yourself as you read some of the scenes (smiles).

This was hard for me to put down, I hated to finish it. Dalton, Wes and Summer grew into each other. Learning to trust and communicate means a lot in any relationship, with BDSM more so. The part of the rich looking down on the less fortunate is real enough, I’m sure we’ve all seen or heard of it happening.
I will be recommending this book to my friends, have fun with it and enjoy.

Daria gives this book a

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