Thursday, October 17, 2013

Review: Powerful Awakening by Tonya Ramagos

Powerful Awakening
L.U.S.T. #2
by: Tonya Ramagos
$5.99 eBook
Siren Publishing
Paranormal Erotica / Menage
Released: September 2013

Chrystal Vaughn knows she’s walking a tight rope when she seeks Andrew Iverson’s help to rescue her cousin. What she doesn't expect is the intense power and deep connection she senses when she looks into his eyes or for those sensations to magnify to hormone-overwhelming levels when she meets Michael Delacroix.

The night Michael became a vampire he lost the man and woman he loved. Believing himself doomed to eternity without them, he channeled his powers to protect the human race. Now Andrew is back with Chrystal on his arm and Michael’s eternity is taking a new dangerous and erotically fantastical twist.

Andrew is a lycan. He knows Michael still lives, but guilt over their woman’s death has consumed him. When he finds their woman reincarnated, he must bring her to Michael. He hopes they can rekindle the love the three of them once shared, but he needs Michael’s help to protect Chrystal from the shifters that want him dead.

What's not to like about vampires and lycans in the same book?  I really liked the story line, and the characters. Kind of like BDB but the author put a lil bit of her own spin on it. There was sex throughout the story, but not a lot of what vampire or lycans do.  What was a positive for me was the relationship between all three of them, and the one between the vampire and lycan. In a lot of menage reads you see some jealousy, in this one you can just see the passion and love each has for the other.

150 years to be alone because of guilt that long apart for lovers fated together. Because of that same fate all three will have a chance to be together again. Will the good prevail, or will the evil that all three of our main characters battled and lost win again?

Chrystal isn't exactly what she seems to be, a nosy reporter looking for a story. Michael is a vampire that runs a club with his twin brother and Andrew is a businessman's good Samaritan. When the three come together it's one thing that always happens-hot, hard and passionate loving. Enjoy.

Daria gives this book a

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