Thursday, October 17, 2013

Review: Obsession by Sofia Grey

Talisman #1
by: Sofia Grey
$4.99 eBook
Time and Tide Publishing
Romantic Suspense
Released: June 2013

Wow, what a great story.  Romance, check! Suspense, check! And a touch of the Paranormal makes a great combination.

Gabe Bridgewater is a Class A Narcissistic Bastard and he is married to the beautiful yet somewhat naive Suki who battles her own inner demons which in turn causes her to not really see Gabe for the controlling, domineering, viscous man he really is.  That is until through Gabe’s manipulation she meets Josh Delaney.  Josh makes his living sniffing out unfaithful wives, all the while dreaming of maybe just maybe finding one truly faithful woman.  His good looks, charm and special talent make his job a piece of cake, usually.  But his new job will unravel everything Josh has believed and unravel him in the process.

The awakening of Suki, the change of Josh and the satisfaction of seeing Gabe get exactly what he had coming made Obsession hard to put down, then tie in the Talisman and bit of Paranormal that leads to The Talisman Series makes Obsession a must read.

Drue gives this book a


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