Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Review: Mean Girls by Lucy Felthouse

Mean Girls
Curve Appeal series
by: Lucy Felthouse
$4.45 eBook
Ellora’s Cave Publishing
Contemporary Erotica

Ladies….you gotta love a BBW romance where the girl gets the hunk.  Lucy wove a delicious tale of attraction that proves beauty goes WAY beyond looks and goes all the way to the soul. 

Adele faithfully goes to the pool and swims despite the snickers from the mean girls that can’t believe someone like her would be seen in a bathing suit.  Perched high in his lifeguard stand, Oliver watches Adele and admires her from afar for her beauty and strength.  She noticed Oliver, his swimmers body and good looks high in his stand keeping every one safe, including her.

When fate keeps opening doors for them, Oliver and Adele find themselves chatting over a cup of coffee, but the mean girls descend.  He puts them ever so nicely in their place, as he professes his interest in Adele.  Stunned, she can’t believe her ears. And when his verbal assault is complete, he strolls back to Adele, grabs her hand and leads her away. After a quick make out session in the park, they can’t get to her apartment fast enough.

Oliver is completely enamored with her and her curvaceous body and can hardly wait to be buried deep within her.  Over and over again.

Lucy created a wonderful story of where Adele represents the beauty and attraction of the curvy girl and that sexy, handsome men love women of all shapes and sizes.  I did a few fist pumps when Oliver and Adele put the mean girls in their places giving the finger to those who think you have to be thin to be desirable.  Way to go Lucy! 

Michele gives this book a

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