Saturday, October 12, 2013

Review: The Greatest Fight of All by Dixie Lynne Dwyer

The Greatest Fight of All
American Soldier Collection #5
by: Dixie Lynne Dwyer
$6.99 eBook
Siren Publishing
Contemporary Romance / Menage
Released: August 2013

Escaping an abusive boyfriend, Amelia Jennings runs to Texas to start over with the help of her college friend, Regan Haas.  What starts as a random run in at the airport turns out to be the fates aligning.  Amelia’s past of physical abuse by her boxer boyfriend and lose of her brothers makes her leery at best around strong aggressive men.  A fresh start in a new town is just what she needed. That is until she ran into Waylon.

Returning from a boxing match in Vegas, Waylon Haas watches as a beautiful woman struggles with her luggage, but when he moves in to help, she abruptly shuts him down.  Of course his handsome face bared the marks of his most recent win in the Vegas it still didn’t stop his flirty ways.  He knew he could have any woman he wanted, but there was something out the sassy woman from the airport that plagued his mind. 

Waylon and his three brothers helped out on the family ranch with their mom and two dads.  Growing up in a ménage family was American as apple pie.  He and his brothers wanted the same kind of love and devotion his parents had, but finding the right woman wouldn’t be easy. The Haas men were good looking and they knew it, but a night out at the local bar would have them losing interest in all women but one.

There she was, the hottie from the airport with his sister at the bar fighting off some douche bag who’d had a few too many.  Needless to say they were both stunned to realize the connection, but that didn’t squelch the fear of big, strong, aggressive men.  One was bad, but four was definitely not happening until the Haas brothers turned one the charm.  Each with their fears of commitment and trust, Amelia isn’t interested in letting them in until her safety is in jeopardy. Accompanying Waylon and the brothers to a boxing match, her past and future collide.  Her life hanging in the balance.  Is their love strong enough to bring her back?

Another HAWT ménage relationship burning up the pages by Ms. Dixie.  The Haas brothers don’t back down until they all consume you.  The sexual exploration of Amelia with her men is slow and sensual, but sizzling til the last gasp.  I love how the introduction of characters in one book have endless possibilities for future books.  Menage is not for everyone, but for those who do they should entertain this whole series.  Sexy , alpha cowboys that protect and cherish what is theirs….definately a concept that holds my attention. Thank you Dixie for sending this to me! MWAH J

Michele gives this book a

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