Monday, October 21, 2013

Review: Forbidden Forever by Christy Dilg

Forbidden Forever
by: Christy Dilg
$2.99 eBook
Smashwords Publishing
Contemporary Erotica
Published: September 2013

Laney Collins was defined as many things. Wife and mother being her current roles, but since her children were older “employed” was the next one she sought out.  With the help of her friend, Laney was able to land the job of personal assistant to Dr. Chance Turner, head of the Heart Center at the local hospital.

Stuck in an unhappy marriage, she is subjected to constant verbal degrading by her husband.  Told daily that she is fat and unattractive, Laney is stunned by the attraction that she feels for her new boss and even more that it is reciprocated.  Dr. Turner is the polar opposite of her real life and welcomes the positive feelings that he awakens in her.  Chance is surprised as well by his immediate attraction to Laney.  They are both married to people who they would rather not be, but stay out of obligation until they can’t deny it any longer.

As the hostility at home ramps us, Laney seeks shelter in the arms of Chance and each learns how great life can really be, but one night her husband takes things too far and things will never be the same.

I always enjoy a big beautiful woman landing the sexy and successful man.  I had to laugh at some of Chance’s antics to get Laney to do things just to be near her.  The alternating point of views is always a great way to add depth to the characters. I was surprised at how quickly their relationship took off, but it stayed platonic.  The aggression that she dealt with at home and her drive to protect her children from witnessing the abuse proved her children were the most important to her.  As we know, children are not as oblivious as we assume they are.  The scene breaks could have been organized a little better, but overall I was able to follow the story and wasn’t distracted by it too much.  Chance’s focused desire of Laney see farther than her weight and into her soul.  That will make a woman feel the most beautiful.

Michele gives this book a

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