Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Review: Double Full by Kindle Alexander

Double Full
Nice Guys #1
by: Kindle Alexander
$3.99 eBook
Self Published
Contemporary Romance / GLBT
Released: October 2013

Colt Michaels was the college golden boy and fathers living legacy, but little did anyone know that his heart beat the last four years for another man.  As his college career is nearing an end, Colt makes his move.  Jace Montgomery was a head cheerleader for the team and never saw the play that Colt was about to make. He had five days in Hawaii to prove it.

Colt’s secret crush on Jace was consuming and passionate and boy o’boy was he knocked off his feet when those feelings were unleashed.  Luck for him Jace felt the same way.  The emotions that were packed into those first five days were heart-pounding, breath-taking and cute as hell.  But soon enough it is back to the real world with plans for the future around Colt’s NFL future.

Daddy dearest has different plans for his pride and joy meal ticket which includes a beating and threats against Jaces’ life.  To protect him Colt walks away, never looking back as he falls into a 10 year alcohol haze.  Colt secretly watches over Jace from afar as his cheerleading school takes off and makes a name for himself.

Each man secretly hasn’t let go of the other and when Colt finally realizes his life is in a shamble, he calls for help.  Get sober and get the love of his life back, but it won’t be that easy for either one of them.

I can’t tell you how much I loved this book.  The author created strong, sexy men that you absolutely fall in love with from the first chapter. And let me tell you that it is on hell of a first chapter….hehe!  Their struggles together and apart are heartbreaking and inspiring.  We got some red hot man lovin’ going on here.  For those of you who like male/male romance, this is one that you must read. You will not be disappointed.  I grappled with anger for some characters and how they drove to keep Colt and Jace apart, but their love was stronger and not without struggles of its own. 

Michele gives this book a

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