Saturday, October 19, 2013

Review: Cage by Harper Sloan

Corps Security #2
by: Harper Sloan
$0.99 eBook
Self Published
Contemporary Romance
Released: September 2013

Ker-POW Ladies!  My ovaries exploded when I met Greg Cage.  A freakin’ sex machine that owns and consumes with some extra jewelry that made me swoon!  He met his match when Melissa Larson appeared in his life, nursing scrubs and all.  Karma has a way of bring people into your life when you need them most and Cage and Melissa needed to heal each other.

With entwined lives, it was only a matter of time before they found each other.  As close friends to Axel and Izzy, Cage takes a sick Nate to the pediatrician’s office and was brought face to face with his “beauty”, but not until the bachelorette party do they truly meet.  When a jealous girlfriend interrupts their intimate first dance that made my panties combust through voyeurism do you get a glimpse of the magic between these them.  WHEW! Their love for each other, physical and emotional, is awe inspiring.  Red hot, primal sex and bedtime stories will show you a multi-dimensional Cage that brings Melissa to tears.

Almost destroyed by a secret Cage is afraid to share, their past almost destroys everyone close to them.  Cage calls on a friend from his past to help return what is taken from him.  One phone call. One word…”Breakneck” and the devil himself would turn tail and run. We meet Braxxon (from Crystal Spears, Seize Me) and let me tell you ladies that between these two alpha males prove they know how they covet what is theirs. 

I was immediately pulled into the pages of Cage and Melissa’s story.  Packed full of emotions from both of them had me anxiously swiping the screen on my Kindle just to know what was happening next.  The author has created a fantastic series that I cannot wait for the next story.  Whoo Hoo…snoopy dance!  I am hooked!

Michele gives this book a


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