Saturday, October 12, 2013

Review: Breathe Again by Kamy Chetty

Breathe Again
by: Kamy Chetty
$4.45 eBook
Red Sage Publishing
Contemporary Romance
Released: June 2013

Hawks Bay Emergency Department’s super duo Dr. Nick and Skylar Delaney could take care of every patient that graced their waiting room, but could not salvage their marriage.  The mutual split appeared to be going well as far as the outside world was concerned.  Marine life had hardened him and no matter how hard he tried, Nick just couldn’t seem to let her in.  When a group of kids stroll into the ER and cause trouble, Skylar attempts to calm the situation, but finds herself under attack.

Pregnant. Children were a deal breaker for their marriage, but Skylar thought he would change his mind.  Lie compounded by lie, Skylar finds herself and her unborn baby in a high risk nightmare. He agrees to help her until the baby is born, but he wants nothing to do with it. So when a fire almost takes them from him, Nick realizes that his love for her still burn bright.  Skylar urges Nick to fulfill an agreement and travel to a rural clinic to offer health care. 

An emergency C-section bring their baby girl into the world, but Nick is too late.  He’s afraid. He loves them both, but can’t seem to say the right words to tell her.  All new mothers need help after having a baby, right?  But Nick was not going to let them out of his sight and agrees to help her with the baby.  Forced into caring for her, he finally understands the undying love a parent has for their child.  When his daughter’s life hangs in the balance will love conquer all?

This was such an emotional story.  Two people who love each other, but one doesn’t know how to show it.  Lies only breed distrust and these two just couldn’t seem to communicate their true emotions for each other.  Little by little, his love for her brought this Marine back to his wife, with a little added bonus.  These two seemed like such real people.  This was a quick read, but every page was full of passion and emotion that I found myself completely submerged into their world.

Michele gives this book a


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