Friday, October 18, 2013

Review: Beautiful Illusions by Annie Jacoby

Beautiful Illusions
by: Annie Jacoby
$0.99 eBook
Self Published
Contemporary Romance
Released: June 2013

Beautiful Illusions is a Cinderella Romance With a Twist - and what a twist it is!

Attorney Iris Snowe drinks too much, eats too much, and spends too much. Her sex life has been as spectacularly unsuccessful as her law practice, so she spends her evenings in her tiny apartment watching bad TV, talking to her cat, and rescuing pit bulls.

And her name might be Iris, but it should be Jade. As in jaded, which is how she feels about romance and men in general.

So, when a gorgeous and sexy stranger appears in her law office on Monday morning, after a one-night stand the previous Saturday, she doesn't think that he is coming to see her because he is interested. She just figures that she left something behind in the room and he is enough of a gentleman to deliver it to her.

How wrong she is.

As it turns out, Ryan Gallagher not only looks like a Ralph Lauren model come to life, but is also fabulously wealthy, as he is the son of a prominent billionaire.

In other words, light years out of Iris' league.

And completely into her, in more ways than one.

And so begins the erotic Cinderella romance of her life, with a man who truly loves her. And oh, if it could just be that simple. But, of course, it's not -the fairy tale is fractured, as it is marred by obsession, jealousy, and dark secrets that Ryan has desperately sought to conceal and repress. It turns out that, behind those magnificent green eyes, lies the memories of a past that nobody should ever have to experience. Nobody.

But when his past becomes his present, his secrets come to light.

And one of those secrets just might be deadly...

Fan-freaking-tastic book.  Ryan is more screwed up than Christina Grey, Gideon Cross, Tony Rawlings, etc.

Iris is a struggling attorney when she meets her prince charming.  Having been with losers most of her life, Iris has an extremely hard time accepting Ryan into her life, especially his wealth.

Ryan is insanely rich, and has just met the woman that he wants to spend the rest of his life with; it took him only a few minutes to realize that.  But will she be able to handle all of his baggage?  Because when it comes to baggage, Ryan takes the cake.

I loved this book, there was a TON I could relate to in this book, even right down to Iris being in the legal industry and Ryan and Iris were SCORCHING hot together.  There was only one thing that kept me from giving this book 5 stars.  The involvement of the other person in Ryan’s life, because I just can’t get beyond my own feelings that if you are truly 100% irrevocably in love with someone, sexual contact with someone else becomes totally impossible and unacceptable.  Iris’s seeming acceptance of Ryan’s wanting to basically have an open relationship doesn’t sit well with me at all, but it's fiction and to each his own right!  BUT the saving grace is that so far it hasn’t happened and I’m definitely headed to the next book to see if Ryan can redeem himself in my eyes.  The book makes it impossible not to, I have to know.

Drue gives this book a

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