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Blog Tour: Forbidden Forever by Christy Dilg

Laney Collins has been the wife to Michael for years and even when after his love turned into pure cruelty toward her weight gain she has remained his faithful loving wife. Her love for her daughter Callie and son Kaleb gives her faith that in the end it will all be worth it.
After years of not working Laney gets hired on as the assistant for Dr. Chance Turner. The chemistry between them is electric but their marriages keep them apart until one painful evening Laney has had enough and all she can think of is Chance.
A steamy affair hidden with lies and secrets turns into a love no longer forbidden. A love that loves her for everything she is and sees the beauty beyond the weight. A love that lasts forever.

RomFan Reviews got a chance to read the book, and here's what we had to say:
I always enjoy a big beautiful woman landing the sexy and successful man.  I had to laugh at some of Chance’s antics to get Laney to do things just to be near her.  The alternating point of views is always a great way to add depth to the characters. I was surprised at how quickly their relationship took off, but it stayed platonic.  The aggression that she dealt with at home and her drive to protect her children from witnessing the abuse proved her children were the most important to her.  As we know, children are not as oblivious as we assume they are.  Chance’s focused desire of Laney see farther than her weight and into her soul.  That will make a woman feel the most beautiful.
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The way his eyes burn into me, it would be hard for anyone to miss the connection. His wicked grin and his hand placed on my lower back leading me to the dance floor has me feeling relaxed even with a hundred eyes on us. I just don't really care that they are gossiping about the boss and his assistant. Besides, it will give them something to talk about in the cafeteria Monday.

I smile smugly. "So, Dr. Turner, are you worried about what everyone is thinking right now?"

He laughs. "No, I'll go dance with Sierra later and really get their minds going."

I shake my head. "That might make you a male whore, Dr. Turner. Getting a bad reputation and so soon after your separation. Shame. Shame."

"Did you just call me a whore, Mrs. Collins?"

"Yes, I did."

"If we weren't in a room full of hospital employees I would bend you over my knee."

"That sounds really fucking hot, Dr. Turner," I say.

"Damn, my cock just got hard. Are you trying to turn me on?" he teases.

"You better believe it. I'm so fucking horny right now I don't know how much more of being this close I can take," I admit.

"I need to make some rounds and make the proposal speech. Once that is done you can leave. I will be behind you shortly after. Meet me at my car," he playfully orders.

"Will you spank me if I don't?" I joke.

"I'll spank you if you do." Grinning, he lets me go.

Play List
Dear Diamond- Miranda Lambert
Gun Powder & Lead- Miranda Lambert
One Like That- Gwen Sebastian
Distance- Christiana Perri
Everything I wanna do- Nickelback
I Cross My Heart- George Strait
I’m Slave For You- Britney Spears
I can’t do that anymore- Faith Hill
It Matters To Me- Faith Hill
I feel a sin comin on- Pistol Annies
I see the want to in your eyes- Conway Twitty
Wanted- Hunter Hayes
Let’s don’t call it a night- Casey James
Love the way you lie- Eminem
Stay- Sugarland
Treasure- Bruno Mars
Warrior- Demi Lovato
The way- Ariana Grande
When I look at you- Miley Cyrus
When I was your man- Bruno Mars
You make me wanna- Usher
Hero- Mariah Carey
I honestly love you- Oliva Newton John
Stronger- Kelly Clarkson

About the Author
Christy Dilg was born, June 19th, 1978. She wrote her first erotic romance in 2013, called “Forbidden Forever.” She works full-time at the local hospital where she lives in Florida. Christy’s hobbies include decorating cakes, and photography. She loves going to concerts, and reading in her spare time.

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