Sunday, September 8, 2013

Review: Stalking Darkness by J.L. Oiler

Stalking Darkness
by: J.L. Oiler
$2.99 eBook
Rebel Ink Press
Paranormal Romance / Menage
Released: July 2013

With only a few days until her college graduation, Cadence Farris breaks her normal study-all-night routine to join her friends for one last night of drink and dance. Little does she know this is the night she’ll be changed forever and the person she was will fall victim to a horror she could never believe real.

Gavin is the team leader of a group who hunt down the monsters most people believe only exist in movies or nightmares. However, each man in his unit knows the truth, that there are things on our world that have the ability to destroy lives and mold our world into something dark and deadly.

As another group of college students is stalked by the darkness, Cadence will join forces with the mysterious unit of hunters in an attempt to bring the reign of terror to an end and gain a bit of retribution in the process. But the question remains. Can Cadence come to grips with what she’s become and with her new role within the unit?

Is the passion of four men enough to stave off the beast inside her or is it her job to save them from their own demons?

Gavin, Hugh, Raven and Drake are sex on a stick, oh my! Sweet and sexy Candance just finished college and is going to celebrate with friends.  Her and the girls are in a bar hunk hunting, but they become the hunted themselves.  A group of men invite themselves to their table and start to pour the charm on. The evening progresses with dancing and drinking, lowering inhibitions. 

Candance gets a feeling that she can't name, like a nagging feeling that she is in the wrong place.

Two of the males hug up to her, touching and kissing, and before long she is lost in the feelings.

Gavin and his team are hunters and rescue Candance after she is left for dead.  They take her to a place to heal and train.  Several months pass until the crew comes back for her as their partner.  Her trainer had told her that her desires that she's started to feel were normal.  He also told her she'd have to feed that desire to keep it maintained.

Candence seems a bit gun shy but Gavin isn't, and his desire for her only increases.  Candence will have three other males to help her keep her desires maintained.  As all five of them join some hot scenes, it brings them all closer. They all are still on a hunt. They gather information on the whereabouts of the rogues' next party.  A plan of action is put in place, and Candance will have to bring her A game if she hopes to survive the fight.

Daria gives this book a

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