Sunday, September 8, 2013

Review: Sanctum Storm by Edenmary Black

Sanctum Storm
Shadow Havens #5
by: Edenmary Black
$4.99 eBook
Self Published
Paranormal Romance
Released: July 2013

Everyone should know by now that I absolutely love this series and have read all the books in it.  Book 5, Sanctum Storm did not disappoint.

Circe’s arrival in Saint Rushton has Maksim grinding his fangs, but he’s making the best of a volatile situation.  When his boss finds a new ally in Gwyn, it's pure kismet, as the she-wolf is happy to hand over everything she knows about the Sanctum and the Demesne. At the top of Circe’s blow-it-to-hell list is the Maidenheart Bakery, because she knows who is serving the pastries and her hunger for revenge is insatiable.

All that stands in the way of Circe’s plot, is a force of the havens’ warriors and a certain resurrected vampire, half a world away, with three daemon healers and Circe’s chauffeur. They’re not exactly what Sebastien is used to, but he has a plan of his own. With Saan’s help, it may even work.

As Tam’s love deepens for Amaya, the couple searches for a way to make things right with Kellan, as the angel struggles with his concern for the woman who was once under his wing.  When Kell gives in to his need to see her, the blunder is epic, but it provides Miri and Andrieu with critical information about what’s going on in Saint Rushton. It’s the break Fortune has been hoping for and the sooner he’s done his job, the sooner he’ll have Rachel in his bed.

Some will die in Circe’s storm of wrath, but another storm will fulfill the arcane prophecy of a banished angel.

Sanctum Storm has us returning to the Sanctum and Damanse in Saint Rushton.  And as with all the Shadow Havens books, there is a lot going on.  Sabastien is alive, Circe has lost her marbles which makes her even more dangerous, Iridea’s pregnancy is progressing along, Kellan screws up again and is still pissed at Amaya and Tam, Amaya and Tam are blissfully in love,  Saan and Sabine are still guiding Sabastien from beyond the grave, and someone is betraying the Sanctum.  And as with the previous books more relationships are developing, flourishing and ending in one way or another.

Many things finally come to a head in Sanctum Storm but whether they have come to an end is another story.  I can’t wait to see what the next book in this series brings.

Drue gives this book a

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