Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Review: Rock Bottom by Jade C. Jamison

Rock Bottom
Bullet #2
by: Jade C. Jamison
$2.99 eBook
Self Published
Contemporary Romance
Released: September 1, 2013

Rock Bottom. Great description of where Ethan was coming from and when you’re at the bottom the only place to go is up or out. Armed with a new psychiatrist, he sets out to try being clean again.  This time though, he had Jenna in his corner and he finally felt like he had a fighting chance. 
Jenna McCormick, an addiction counselor, new what it was like to drawn something.  It may not have been drugs or alcohol, but she knew addiction.  So, when none other than Ethan Richards, lead guitarist of Fully Automatic, strolls into her weekly group meeting of Soaring Free.  She knew who he was, a closet metal head, but what she didn’t know the demons that haunted him. 

Ethan saw her, but only what she allowed him to see.  She would never let someone in that could hurt her again, but somehow those green eyes of his weakened her defenses. Hairline fractures spread, shattering both their prison walls.  Taking a chance on Ethan, Jenna goes to a metal concert where the last of her wall goes down letting him.  His touch is electric and arousing.

“It was bad enough that she’d been feeling something unprofessional for him earlier, a sexual attraction for him that, she knew, could be considered a natural response, but feeling like he was a kindred spirit was strictly forbidden in her book.”

A secret told was a secret shared, even ones that he never shared with Val.  Damn…he had been a monster to her, yet she stayed till he crossed that last line. Chris, the one good thing in his life he had done right.  He needed to apologize to Val for all that he had done and hope that she would let him have a relationship with his son.

‘“I’m sorry.”   He let out a breath of air, ready to move on when Val spoke. “I forgive you, Ethan.” Those words were like a waterfall crashing down on him, filling his soul with something he wondered if he’d ever felt before.   He didn’t know what it was, but it was scary.   It was as though an abyss was filling rapidly with warm fluid, and he felt water fill his eyes.”

A second chance with Chris.  A second chance to get it right on so many levels. His child’s love was pure and Ethan was going to bask in it.

“That hit Ethan like a tsunami of emotion.   He felt a sting in his nose and wetness flooding his eyes.   The whole fucking world could wash away now, and he took that little miracle in his arms and pulled him close.   He had to close his eyes to stop himself from completely losing it. But there it was— no judgment, no misgivings, just total love, and that’s when Ethan felt that he had a fighting chance in this life.”

An addict’s fears can be strong and feel very real.  Ethan and Jenna share and battle them together, but sometimes the demons are slayed by the purest of emotions. LOVE!

I was so angry with Ethan at the end of Bullet, but the prologue to Rock Bottom made me chuckle and see him in a different light.  We are a product of our past. Jenna’s strength and knowledge made me love her.  She calls his bluff and takes no crap!  They are both broken souls and when then they heal their beauty shines through.  As you recall, Ethan is a giving lover and …well…let’s say he continues to live up to his reputation.

“She loved this man, though, and she would carry him as far as he needed to become the man he wanted to be.”

Michele gives this book a

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