Thursday, September 26, 2013

Review: Maybe Baby Lite by Andrea Smith

Maybe Baby Lite
Baby LITE #1
by: Andrea Smith
$0.99 eBook
Meatball Taster Publishing
Contemporary Romance
Released: August 2013

WOW….I had no idea what lie between the pages as I started this book and let’s just say that I was not disappointed.  Trey and Tylar put me through an emotional vortex.  Highs and lows swirled together with passion and anger. Be prepared to hang on every page as you witness the growing relationship of these two hard headed individuals as they fight against opposing forces who want to destroy them. 

Trey and Tylar meet while she is working at his family’s horse farm during her summer break.  When an accident forces Trey to save her, their romance grows despite the evil lurking waiting to pounce.  As a high powered attorney, Trey easily slips into “protector” mode,  however she does not like to be told what to do. 

When they finally give in to their emotions, HOT sex ensues.  Tylar’s past has left deep scars on her perception of love and they clash over and over again, but Trey has been hurt as well. Trey’s jealousy and Tylar’s own insecurity’s made me want to scream at them both, but you can’t help and love them.  Fate has a way of rewarding those who deserve to be loved and give love.

The author yanked on every heartstring of mine.  From beginning to end, I was hooked on these two characters.  I loved seeing strong individuals rise from the ashes of their past and succeed! The ending left me stunned and anxious to dive into the next.  Some demons just won’t die!

Michele gives this book a

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