Sunday, September 8, 2013

Review: Master Knight by Gray Dixon

Master Knight
Masters of Tabu #1
by: Gray Dixon
$4.99 eBook
Secret Cravings Publishing
Contemporary Erotica / BDSM
Released: February 2013

Marcus Knight, entrepreneur and CEO of Knight Enterprises, is a Dom with a darker side. After a nasty divorce, he’s sworn off any emotional involvement with any woman. By accident he meets a woman at a party when he travels to New York City for business. She’s too young and inexperienced with his lifestyle. Or so he thinks.

Khari Bradford, small town girl in search of fame and fortune on the Broadway stage. On a chance meeting, she meets a man who captivates her. Within a short time, she becomes his newest submissive, but wonders how she ended up with him instead of on Broadway.

Will her new aspiration have her lose both dreams, Broadway and her Knight after discovering he has no intentions of staying in New York or with her? Will Marcus return to Dallas and give Khari her dream, but lose the woman who makes his heart sing?

Not sure why I had a hard time focusing on this read, I rated it due to the BDSM elements and some deliciously hot scenes.  A sexy Dom (Marcus) that is a business man with skeletons in his closet.  We have a Princess Brat (Khari-love her name), she is spoiled and used to getting what she wants.  Though at first I wondered why she'd step into a world that she's required to give up control.  The answer is, not everyone can feed a dark desire.

A Dom with a dark side and a clear idea of what he wants out of life, which is no emotional ties.  Khari has the determination to get what she wants, while learning to come into herself. She finds herself with a Dom that can give her what she craves. Khari wants to be the sub that Marcus wants, and Marcus trains her how he wants her to be.  Which was a bit of a rollercoaster ride for both of them.  The one thing that I didn't notice that happens in our lifestyle, is the lack of communication when not in the scene. At 22 she is a young sub and her first Dom is Marcus.  Marcus being so into Khari, he loses himself and forgets the foundation of what it is to be a Dominate.

As always I like how the Dom checks not only the equiment, but checked the sub as well. It's awesome to see that in a BDSM themed book. It is very appreciated.

Daria gives this book a

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