Sunday, September 8, 2013

Review: Inviting the Devil by Gabrielle Bradley

Inviting the Devil
by: Gabrielle Bradley
$4.99 eBook
eXtasy Books
Contemporary Erotica / BDSM
Released: January 2013

Was it normal for a fashion designer to ask a new model to strip so he could inspect her from head to toe to get a feel for her shape, size and sensitivities?

Bumping into her boss, causing her portfolio to fall and the drawings she’d secretly worked on during her breaks to scatter was accidental.  But oh, what a welcome accident.  Danea’s career dreams are realized when the man she’s drooled over and fantasized about for two years while working in administration wants to see all her sketches.

Not only does Kalem Ostarizo, the world’s top fashion designer, hire her for his design team, but wants her to model for House of Ostarizo.  Danea happily signs a one-year contract for each position but is shocked when she finds out the obedience clause she agreed to involves more than just obeying the rules.

We have a young girl with a dream of being a fashion designer.  Danea's life changes from what she thinks she wants as she is molded into a work of art.  Danea didn't appeal to me that much, mainly her snippy attitude put me off.  She is young and a virgin, she also signed a contract.  Granted Danea stepped into a world she had no clue about.  Kalem is the typical rich, demanding owner and boss.  After Danea runs into him, He sets her life in a new direction.
The piercings for the models was intriguing to say the least. Wonder if that was covered in the contract.  The story line seemed to be in line with the type of industry it was portraying.  Modeling and fashion design can be grueling and intense.

Kalem pushes and Danea accepts, though she snips at a lot of things.  He does things with her that he hasn't with the other models.  In time both of them are lost in what they feel for each other.  Danea has second thoughts and decides to put her foot down on what she will and will not do. Let's see how that works out for her.  This story has some BDSM elements in it.  The sex scenes lightly touched on the that lifestyle.  Danea will crave more. (smiles)  The photo shoots were hot, if not frustrating.

Kalem has an issue or two to deal with, like he's been married three times.  Being around Danea just makes him want her more. Danea is falling in love with her boss, but he may not be able to return her feelings.  Falling in love with your boss may not be the smartest thing, as far as your job is concerned.

Daria gives this book a

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