Thursday, September 5, 2013

Review: Healing a Cowboy's Heart by Sandy Sullivan

Healing a Cowboy's Heart
Cowboy Lovin' #2
by: Sandy Sullivan
$4.99 eBook
Secret Cravings Publishing
Contemporary Romance
Released: August 2013

As the eldest, Jeffery Young was foreman of Thunder Ridge and he felt everything that happened on the family dude ranch.  His emotions are strung tight since his ex-wife screwed him over six ways from Sunday and now with a developer buying up the surrounding land keeps the Young’s focused on staying busy.  Saving the ranch overrides any emotional relationship.  His family and son are all he needs until she showed up.

Inside enemy lines, Terri Kennedy stays at Thunder Ridge gathering information that could help her employer force the Young’s to sell the ranch.  What she wasn’t expecting was Jeff to stand in her way.  Two strong willed people with dueling personalities love to hate each other as their chemistry slowly burns until it explodes!

But what happens when Jeff finds out Terri’s true motivation for her stay at Thunder Ridge?  Will she betray Jeff for the sake of her job?

Another HAWT cowboy romance from Ms. Sullivan!  The Young’s are some of the sexiest cowboys I have every read and cannot wait for the next one to get roped into love.  As quick reads, the author is about to pack this story full of action.  The family dynamics are in true southern charm and leave you wanting to find a cowboy of your own.

Michele gives this book a

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