Thursday, September 19, 2013

Review: Fearless by Tawny Weber

Fearless: The Girlz Guide to Gettin’ it
by: Tawny Weber
$3.99 eBook
Red Hot Reads by Harlequin
Contemporary Romance
Released: September 2013

With the support of her three girlfriends, Gia Renyard makes her ultimate fantasy come true that involve her secret crush, Luke Monroe.  A co-worker who seems to have it all looks, personality and success, but work policy frowns on fraternization amongst employees. When rumor has it Luke leaving the company and sets the wheel in motion for a sexual fantasy to rival the hottest romance. 

As fate will have it, Luke will be in Vegas for work and an opportunity to seduce him formulates. Gia with the help of her friends becomes Vanna.  With flaming red hair, he is drawn to her like a moth.  She reveals her secret fantasy of a sex filled weekend with a stranger.  Luke is game, but feels a sense of familiarity to Gia.  They delve into a weekend of sexual gratification, but it becomes so much more than that for each of them. 

Back to reality, fate is a fickle lover.  Luke decides to stay with the company and now Gia must dodge him at every corner, but destiny will not be denied. 

So what do you think?....Will he be angry? Can she hide forever? 

This was a quick read that I could sink my teeth into.  I loved the spark between these two and the sex was HAWT!!!!  Tawny packed so much action into this short story, but nothing ever seemed rushed.  We should all be so lucky to have friends like this J.

Michele gives this book a

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