Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Review: Stripped Bare by Susan Mac Nicol

Stripped Bare
by: Susan Mac Nicol
$4.99 eBook
Boroughs Publishing Group
Contemporary Erotica / GLBT
Released: July 2013



Matthew Langer had no idea the night he rushed to the hospital when his lifelong friend and son of his employer, David Debussy, was attacked that he would meet the man who would awaken his spirit.  Shane Templar was a paid escort by night and computer security expert by day.  So when the night with David was interrupted by an angry call from his father, he couldn’t stay away when he heard the news.  David’s homophobic father loathed the lifestyle his son lived and was not shy about telling everyone. 
Sparks flew when the two beautiful men laid eyes on each other, but Matthew tried to convince himself that he was not ready for another relationship.  Due to an intense start to their meeting, neither man could resist the other, but each held secrets close to their hearts.  A hot sexual relationship burned bright, but Matthew was holding back and Shane would not stop until he knew why.  Putting his computer skills to the test, he discovered the pain that Matthew was holding in and slowly broke down the walls that kept them apart. 
Layer by layer, they peel back the layers of pain and hurt that keeps them apart, but not without setbacks.  So when Matt feels that Shane goes too far will it be enough to permanently break them apart?  Someone is watching and waiting for just the right moment to attack.  Shane’s techno-savy skills have pissed off the wrong man and retribution will be theirs. 
I could not help but fall in love with Shane and Matthew.  The intensity of their desire for each other sizzled (a cold shower came to mind a time or two).  Love is love, sexual orientation is of little consequence in my book.  The love and care they give to their relationship is a thing of beauty.  My heart broke on more than one occasion, but love will survive if it is meant to be.  Hatred based on sexual orientation is to deny someone love.  This story encompasses many levels of what a same sex couple endures.  Thank you for writing such an amazing story.

Michele gives this book a

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  1. Michele, thanks so much for giving me 5 gorgeous men for this story! I'm so glad you enjoyed Shay and Matty's tale and fell in love with them which seems to be what all the ladies did....I very much enjoyed writing this, and hopefully there will be more books coming soon featuring more sexy, troubled and entertaining men.