Thursday, August 1, 2013

Review: The Silk Romance by Helena Fairfax

The Silk Romance
by: Helena Fairfax

$5.50 eBook
MuseItUp Publishing
Contemporary Romance
Released: May 2013



Little did Sophie Challoner know that the day she buried her grandmother was also the day that life would make it up to her.  Her heart knew the voice before their eyes met. It had been four years since they last saw each other and it ended with a lie. 
Naïve and young, Sophie visited her grandmother in France and met the world famous race car driver, Jean-Luc Olivier, but a promise forced her to return home to her father and brother.  A lot can happen in four years.  Enrolled in college, Sophie is a shining star amongst her classmates.  So when opportunity knocks, she jumps at the chance to study at the finest silk mill.  What she doesn’t realize is that the silk mill is Jean-Luc’s family business and he has created a study program just for her.
Jean-Luc has to know why she ran away and will stop at nothing to break her down and learn her secret.   It won’t hurt to utilize the fashion industry to draw her closer and attempt to rekindle the passion from their one amazing night together.  Will she run again or stay and find out what love has to offer?
Helena’s characters are intense, passionate and sexy.  The fashion industry is glamorous and secretive, and the author allows us a voyeur point of view.  The Silk Romance is a beautifully composed story of love, lost and the fight to regain the hearts desire.
Michele gives this book a

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