Friday, August 23, 2013

Review: Handcuffed by Her Hero by Angel Payne

Handcuffed by Her Hero
W.I.L.D. #2
by: Angel Payne
$11.99 paperback
Self Published
Contemporary Erotica / BDSM
Released: July 2013

Plagued by nightmares of her time in slavery under King’s cruel hand, Rayna Chestain fears she will never feel safe again, but when Zeke Hayes reappears in her life nothing will be the same for either of them.  Zeke and his Special Forces Team rescued Rayna and Sage, but not before she put a bullet in King’s head.  His “Ray- bird” as he came to call her drew comfort from him and the safety he offered.

Rayna mistakenly reveals that she knows of his Dominate lifestyle and pleads for him to take control and quiet to voices in her head.  Zeke’s need to comfort Rayna quickly escalated a night of hot sexual claiming.

“I won’t tie you up. I won’t use any kinky toys. But I promise your skin will carry my marks. My taste will linger on your tongue. Your body will remember, for a very long time, exactly who’s been inside it.”

The morning after is overshadowed by an argument and a resolution to remain “friends”, but Zeke just can do that.  He has a date with a bottom that likes the kind of pain he delivers at the Bastille, his play club, and makes it very clear he does not plan on changing for her or anyone else. 

After an emergency session with her therapist, a hypnosis session reveals that Zeke and Rayna’ paths have crossed before in a similar scenario.  Rayna rushes to the Bastille to tell Zeke, but finds him deep in a session with a submissive.  Trying unsuccessfully to talk to him, she storms off only to come face to face with Mua, King’s twin brother who plans to follow through on capture.  Zeke comes to his senses and chases after her only to find her being attacked.  Instincts take over and Zsycho emerges to protect what is his. HIS?  On the run from dirty cops and politicians, Zeke and Rayna disappear into the mountains.
Struggling with her nightmares and no medications to help her, Zeke fears giving her what she needs to deal with the past, but one act of true submission seals the deal.

‘“I— don’t need— the medicine.” The whispers came out between her quaking steps back toward him. When she came close enough to touch him again, she bowed her head. “I need…” She slid to her knees. Then dropped her forehead against his feet. “I need this,” she rasped.

He’d certainly commanded a few submissives to honor him in this way before, but none had ever offered their surrender so willingly, so openly, so perfectly.”
Their time in seclusion is a time of true exploration for both of them,  but word comes that it is safe to return home….or so they thought.  Danger is closer than either realized.   A true selfless act of love will save them both.  Will they both survive? Will the Phoenix rise from its ashes and reclaim what was their’s?
“But the truth was… the bird had landed in your hands. Trusted you with her heart. Given her magic to you. And that made you the bravest fucking warrior on the face of the planet.”


Handcuffed By Her Hero literally grabbed ahold of my heart and never let go.  Zeke and Rayne’s intense bond is forged in fire.  Thick with passion, smoldering looks, and red hot dominating sex, Angel Payne has created a sequel to rival its sibling.  I am anxious for the next W.I.L.D Boy and the continuation of her addicting characters.

Michele gives this book a 

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