Sunday, August 25, 2013

Review: Escape from Obsession by Dixie Lynne Dwyer

Escape from Obsession
American Soldier Collection
by: Dixie Lynne Dwyer
$5.99 paperback
Siren Publishing
Genre: Contemporary Erotica / Menage
Released: June 2013

When the police barged into the hotel room in New York City,  Gia hesitated, but only for a moment.  It was her only chance at escape from her possessive boyfriend and his business partner who were in the midst of an acquisition.  The object? Gia.  Her boyfriend wanted to share her with or without her consent.  So she took the chance and ran.

She ran all the way to Houston, Texas and reinvented herself with the help of her cousin.  Finding her niche in the advertising world, Gia keeps her private and working worlds separate until her friends convince her to go out after work for drinks to Casper’s, the hottest bar in town.  She draws the attention of many young men, but all unsolicited.  After everything that she went through in NYC, Gia was  not interested in men or a relationship for that matter.

Garrett McCallister was stunned into silence when the stunning beauty approached his bar deflecting all the male suitors.  With the help of her co-workers, Garrett is drawn into conversation where the attraction is mutual, even after she learns of his ménage family upbringing.  He and his two brothers have craved a woman that they could settle down with, and Gia could very well be this woman. 

When Gia meets Wesley and Gunny McCallister, the men pursue her with all their pent up desire and show her how wonderful a ménage relationship can be.  Work takes her out of town and right into the clutches of a predator, but he did not expect her to fight back and win! The news gets out and Gia’s face is in the limelight.  Her controlling boyfriend from NYC has been looking for her and now he knows right where she is at.  With multiple evils coming for their woman,  the McCallister men use their military training to protect Gia at all costs. 

Now come on, who could resist multiple sexy men devoted to your happiness?  Especially ones who look like the McCallisters!  This was a fun and exciting book with a dash of danger and repetitive dashes of sex…mix and consume.  The brothers are true southern gentlemen who want nothing more than to dote on their woman.  I enjoyed reading this book and swooning with Gia.

Michele gives this book a

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