Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Review: Bring Me Home by Cassia Leo

Bring Me Home
Shattered Hearts #3
by: Cassia Leo
$3.99 eBook
Contemporary Romance
Released: August 2013

Here we go...I knew before my eyes fell on page one that this was gonna be a doozy.  I was so in love with Adam, Claire and Chris in Restless, then my emotions shifted in Pieces of You, and wham-o…upside down in Bring Me Home!  Tears were shed, I will not lie! Heartbreaking, thought provoking, inspiring..shall I continue?

BMH picks right up where Pieces of You leaves off. Two rings, a revealing letter and a very confused Claire.  Things are strained between her and Adam at best since his return from Hawaii.  Lindsay is there with Kaia complicating things even more.  With Nathan gone, Adam feels the need to provide for them and that confuses his heart.  He loves Claire, but her connection to Chris and Abbey is something he can’t compete with.

Ever vigilant and constant, Chris won’t stop until Claire gets to see Abbey, even if it’s only once.  Healing her broken heart and securing their future is his mission and he will succeed.  Time and absence make the heart grow fonder and in their case ignite the flames of passion. As he plans the ultimate surprise for her, Claire has one of her own. 

This story grabbed a hold of my heart and the tears flowed.  I share my son in an open adoption and the raw emotions written on these pages ring with accuracy.  The struggle that Chris battles between Claire and Lindsay is deep.  Love and obligation, these words are interchangeable.  The author grabs a hold on the first page of Relentless and doesn’t let go til the very end.  Alternating point of views every chapter keep the storyline flowing and evolving and ending with an epilogue from each gave me a sense of closure for all of them.  A beautiful love story full emotion, crazy sex, tears and growth.  A must read!

Michele gives this book a

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